Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yesterday was Great – today even better!

Had a delicious lunch yesterday, wine and nibbles and Dessert!!

IMG_1269  IMG_1312

The gnocchi was very good, and the dessert wonderful. I made a dessert out of the ‘Food town’ magazine from last Christmas, all ready for my Family day last week, put it in the fridge, then promptly forgot about it. I was worried that the strawberries may have tainted in the pudding, but with all the cream cheese and sour cream they held together, and it tasted yummy! The Cointreau  probably helped!

Today I started a new quilt for Gson #1.

I am really enjoying playing with the colours. I decided to do Green & Black, and started making a couple of blocks. I then realised how boring it was going to be making it, so I changed direction and am now making one of Judy Hooworths Razzle Dazzle quilts. IMG_1266_1 IMG_1264

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Julie said...

You are doing a great job of Blog posting, it will be fun for you to look back in a few months and see exactly how many things you manage to achieve. Love the new quilt....can't wait to see your progress updates!