Monday, July 30, 2012

3rd And Last Part of the Show

We Had A Challenge - It was my suggestion, as at the time I thought it was a good idea. The only problem was that I never do Challenges, as I can’t stand being under pressure. I used to participate in Round Robins years ago, and that was stressful enough. Anyway after telling the group there was to be a Challenge, I couldn’t very well not do it! The theme was Our interpretation of a rainbow (very loosely)  

VGQ Show 2012 039 VGQ Show 2012 036 VGQ Show 2012 035

VGQ Show 2012 038 VGQ Show 2012 037

Mine is the right bottom row, based on the pattern in Sarah Fielke’s book Quilting from Little Things. I hand quilted it with Number 5 thread.

Sorry about my photos - chopping some the sides off!

Now I can get back to my other quilts so….

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Part 2 of the Show

I have some more photos of the Quilt Show my local group had this past weekend. You may have seen a couple of my quilts shown before. The Pink & Beige quilt was hand quilted by me. Thirties Fabric and Calico log cabin quilt, was hand quilted by me, back in 1995 when I made it. It’s such a lovely quilt (in the flesh so to speak) and it has been away in the cupboard all these years, that I thought I would bring it out for an airing. It measures about 90” square.

P1000727 P1000733 P1000734 P1000737 VGQ Show 2012 007  P1000732  VGQ Show 2012 010 VGQ Show 2012 009 VGQ Show 2012 025 VGQ Show 2012 016

We also had numerous Wall Hangings Wall Hangings                                         

We had a display of the Cushions to donate to the Auckland Hospital Heart Ward .P1000724

I Hope you enjoyed this display of Village Green Quilters Quilts. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Show is over…..

and from the comments I received it was a great success. It was so good to get such positive comments from people who came to the Show, including a lot of Quilters who are Quilt Shows Saturday was a fine day, and we had good numbers through, but Sunday was even better, even though it poured with rain most of the day. Saturday’s tend to be family sport days or work days, and I did a bit of a groan to myself when I realised how bad the weather was going to be on Sunday, but as one visitor said – perfect day for going to a Quilt Show. We had a great home baking cafe, and it was lovely to see people, just relaxing and enjoying being there.
VGQ Show 2012 002P1000735P1000741
P1000740VGQ Show 2012 001VGQ Show 2012 003VGQ Show 2012 004
VGQ Show 2012 016VGQ Show 2012 014
VGQ Show 2012 013
VGQ Show 2012 019VGQ Show 2012 017 VGQ Show 2012 021
I hope you enjoy these photos and I haven’t doubled up on any. I will post some wall hanging,and the Challenge photos later. We have 30 members in our group, with a wide variety of styles. Fortunately we didn't have alot of quilts that were from a class, and were the same.
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