Monday, April 20, 2015

A great weekend …

was spent with a dozen or so like minded quilting friends at our Retreat at Vaughan Park, Longbay  The weather was typical Auckland weather - grey and cold and thundery looking, then  brilliant sunshine.
Lots of talking and computer advise from each other, lots of laughing and of course lots of food and sewing.
Here is a show and tell of each persons effort for the weekend.
The view from our sewing room window.
2015-04-19 11.50.26
2015-04-19 11.50.46 2015-04-19 11.50.39
2015-04-19 11.50.52 2015-04-19 14.41.04
In keeping with Anzac week this is Carole’s quilt.

The start of Carole’s Knights of the Round Table quilt. 2015-04-19 14.40.30

2015-04-19 14.37.55

Beth’s Quilt is seeing the light of day again!2015-04-19 14.37.40

 Another of Beths quilts - a Sarah Fielke pattern.

2015-04-19 14.39.23 2015-04-19 14.43.09

Christina’s Blocks for her Quilt.
Sorry photos are a bit blurry.
2015-04-19 14.43.20
2015-04-19 14.45.50

Lorraine toiled away on her rail fence blocks until her eyes were blurry!

2015-04-19 14.48.21 2015-04-19 14.48.34 2015-04-19 14.49.14  2015-04-19 14.50.05  
Diana was very prolific with her 2 wall hangings and 2 table runners.

Sue (another one) was sewing like fury and also having Crochet lessons from Rosalie. 

2015-04-19 14.52.36 2015-04-19 14.53.07 2015-04-19 14.51.41
She was also trying to finish this table runner which is a kit from Rosalie Maskell of Auckland.

2015-04-19 14.51.25

2015-04-19 14.46.42 2015-04-19 14.46.52 Rosalie who spent alot of her time helping the others with their patterns and cutting made up some more of her table mats as well as finishing her crochet blanket.

Another Beth was totally committed to making 4 quilts from flannel using a quilt as you go method. Stitching the 3 layers together on the right side and clipping the edges so they ripple. 
 2015-04-19 14.58.52
2015-04-19 14.59.39 2015-04-19 15.00.02
2015-04-19 14.59.19
I think this is the back of the top photo.

Stephanie’s beautiful bargello quilt. This photo does not do it justice as the colours are more vibrant than it looks here.
2015-04-19 15.04.10

The same goes for this top which was made from new pillowcase fabric.
2015-04-19 15.05.05

Jeanette made some blocks for her quilt then decided she might do something else with them, so she put them away and made up some of these small blocks with her scraps.
2015-04-19 14.36.13
On the right a WIP of Jeanette's which is also a pattern from Rosalie Maskell.

 A gorgeous work in progress from Ailsa. Hand appliqued and machine pieced.

2015-04-19 14.57.00

And, this was my effort for the weekend. I managed to make 26 more blocks ( I had 38) and am at the point of sewing them altogether.

2015-04-19 14.35.20

I hope you enjoyed looking at my not very good photography, but we all had a great time, and thats what matters!
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Border for N.I.

I am piecing the border for my Nearly Insane Quilt and have taken a photo of what I have done so far. Not sure whether to have a cream border in as well, but I think looking at the photo I like that version best, even though my zigzag border almost finishes the correct size to the rest of the quilt - give or take 1/2". If I add the cream I will have to work out the maths for it!  The original quilt doesn't have the extra border, only a wider border after the zigzag.

Sorry my photos are a bit on the dark side, but its a funny Autumn day here - raining and then sunshine, and we have veranda's around our house, which darkens inside.
I've also gotten onto the  'Stars in a time Warp' quiltalong on the Civil War Blog
Because I jumped in well after it started, I am making my stars in what ever color I find at the time, but trying to keep in with what they are doing on the blog, so my colors are a bit out of order!

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive this trophy for 'Viewers Choice' for 
'Mrs Billings Returns' from The Western Quilters Show that I entered last month. 
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the quilt with the trophy as yet, but I'll work on that and see if I can hang my quilt some-where and get a photo taken.


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