Thursday, May 28, 2015

I have been trying to send this post for over a week, but now have my photos in Google Drive and I can't seem to pick them up onto Windows Live where I normally write my posts. This time I am writing directly to blogger, so we'll see how it goes. Ah! today after wasting yet another 3 / 4 hours trying to blog from Windows Live Writer I find its a problem with Google. Hundreds of other people are having the same issues. Whew! at least it wasn't just me!!

I have been in a Doll Quilt swap run by Lori from Humble Quilts.
This was a lot of fun, although for me a little difficult, as I normally make large quilts
This is my first attempt, but I was worried that the blocks at 4" were too large, although looking at other small quilts since then, I think it would have been OK.

 Sorry can't crop these today! 
Actually top right was my 2nd attempt, as the first time I made the pinwheels with no sashing, which I thought didn’t look as good.
3rd attempt …….

finally the finished quilt.
I unintentionally  cut the pinwheels alot smaller than I meant to, and they finished at 2”. I hand quilted in the ditch although you can’t see that from the photo.

I am in the final stages of added the borders to my Nearly Insane Quilt. I have pieced 112 of these time consuming squares. 


Now to try and figure out how wide to make the outside cream borders with the limited piece of fabric I have left over. I would like to make them 6” finished in keeping with the 3” borders shown here, but I wont have enough fabric as I also need fabric for the bindings. I think the bindings would look better in the cream also, but I’ll have to see.
I also made a pincushion for our office girl, who isn’t a sewer, but was telling me about something she was making and was having to put the pins on a table and try and scoop them up. Great little birthday gift!

 I used wool felt on the bottom of pincushion.

Thanks for dropping by