Friday, February 25, 2011

More Blocks

I’ve been a bit slow on the blogging lately, but on most days have managed to do a little bit of sewing.
Went to a Sew in Day last Saturday run by Pine Valley Quilts and managed to make 2 more in my Dear Jane Blocks Journey.  I started this
quilt way back when, and have just gotten the urge to get back to it.
Made another couple in the last day or soDear Jane 3
These blocks are 4 1/2” finished.Dear Jane 001
Dear Jane 4 Dear Jane 002 I was so annoyed with myself making this block ( above) I had 3/4’s of it pieced when I realised I had printed the pattern out at 6 “ instead of 4 1/2” . I finished it to go in the UFO draw, and remade it in the smaller size.
I also managed to get my Barbara Brackman Civil War Block made.
This is Week 8 and is called COTTON BOLLCivil War Not so good in the centre matching, but I think I’m O.K. with it. I may tweek it a little before I piece the quilt!
I haven’t done any Nearly Insane Blocks this week so must get on and do one in the weekend.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I’ve been Busy Making My

Nearly Insane Block # 71

Nearly Insane 71 001

Oops that looks a little off – some fudging needed there I think.


  and Block # 34

I enjoyed this one. You can’t beat a nice Star Block.

The background fat 1/4 I bought for $1 at a stall at a show. :-)

Nearly Insane 34


And Block # 40

Nearly Insane 40 001

I have also made my Barbara Brackman Blocks.

I usually get into them on Sunday morning when they arrive in my mail box, but when Block 6 arrived I didn’t have time. Before I knew it, it was Saturday, and I thought if I don’t get onto it, the next one would be here, and I would start lagging behind.

So…. I cut my fabric and sewed merrily along, only to find the rows didn’t match or fit. Darn I knew I should have checked what others had done. Its good because all those who get stuck in straight away, seem to iron out any cutting errors. I checked then re cut and Viola a lovely block.

Block 6 - Richmond

Civil War 6 

And Block 7 Log Cabin

Civil War 007

Even this block needed a little caution in the cutting.

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