Friday, November 28, 2014

What I am up to…..

At the moment I have a few things on the go, like most of us do. :-)
A QAL ( quilt along) run by Humble Quilts is the latest thing I am piecing. Now waiting for the next part. This is a mystery doll size quilt.

2014-11-24 13.35.12

Received the final part of the QAL yesterday and this is what I have sewn.

 2014-11-25 11.19.51

Also have gotten back into my Nearly Insane Quilt which I hope to finish in 2015.

2014-11-27 14.47.20 2014-11-27 14.47.31

I have started piecing the blocks in rows, so I can work out the colours for my half blocks. I was worried that my sashing was too light in colour, but after asking a few friends they said it was perfectly fine! The sashing has a tiny green diagonal pattern on it.

Also in between times, I knitted this hat and scarf combo for my Grand-daughters birthday. I sure hope they go to the snow somewhere so she can wear it. :-)

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some more Nearly Insane Blocks….

on my new Bernina 710, which I love, except it doesn’t have a light that comes on when the bobbin is nearing the end. I couldn’t believe that a $5000. machine doesn’t have this as a normal function. Anyway I have been busy sewing a few more blocks and the end is in sight. I am starting to add the sashing to work out if any blocks need re-sewing.

I have finished blocks 33,Nearly Insane Block 39  Nearly Insane Block 68 Nearly Insane Block 62  Nearly Insane Block 33 Nearly Insane Block 74
Nearly Insane Block 80 Nearly Insane Block 90 Nearly Insane Block corner blocks 92 

And, the end is in sight. I have about 18 more blocks to make.
Must carry on, so thanks for dropping by

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