Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Civil War …

I am dodging my way around…..between Dear Jane Blocks, my Civil War Blocks and my Nearly Insane Blocks. I set myself a target of having my NI quilt finished this time next year, but I think its too big an ask. :-)
I have finished these Civil War Blocks. I am abit behind with these so have to be more focused.haha!

Civil War Block – 27 Irish Chain
Block 27 - Irish Chain 

Civil War Block 31 Empty Spools
Civil War Block 001

Civil War Block 32 – Carolina Lily
Civil War - 32 Carolina Lily

I wanted to make this flower in Yellow, but now I find its the only block with yellow in my collection, so I’ll have to add some yellow to the next blocks.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

A new blog added..

I have added a new blog - Sue's Dear Jane Journey. If you click on the picture on the side, it will go to my Dear Jane posts.
Sue :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Really Bad Weather…

Unbelievably cold, very windy and raining here in Auckland where I live.
I got up this morning to find the rose pruning's, which I hadn’t as yet gotten rid of, blown all over the lawn, and the rubbish bin upside down in the garden.
This photo is of Wellington, the capital city of N.Z. which is about 5 hours south of where I live. They don’t usually get snow there.  We have a cold wintery blast coming from down South.


Anyway, a good day to share with you the work I have done this last week.
I got stuck in once again with my Nearly Insane Blocks, and have managed to make these.

Block 12
Nearly Insane Block 12

Block 24
Nearly Insane Block 24

Block 30
Nearly Insane Block 30 

 I might have to make an alteration to this block as it turned out wrong. I should have had the pink triangles on one side going the other way.
Nearly Insane Block 41  

Not too sure about this one as the colour in reality is very black.  Might be too dark.

And, last but not least is Block 18
This took me 3 days on and off – 229 piecesNearly Insane Block 18

As I am writing this we are having a hail storm. The weather here in Auckland is the coldest apparently for 50 years. Brrr….but wait - now the sun is trying to shine.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Spent a Happy Day…

last Saturday, with 14 friends each making our own version of a tessellating quilt. The one we made was from the book called “Square Dance” by Martha Thompson. It is so much fun to make, although a little tedious sewing all those squares together.


I made mine using 6” squares from my stash ( hurrah – a bit more used up) After sewing them altogether, you re-cut using a template drawn from the book. After the blocks are re-cut they are so forgiving to sew back together as all the seams are on the bias.  You loose about a third in Size I was told – in actual fact I measured Before and after, and my squares plus first border measured 78”. After re-sewing it measured approx. 58”.

Sorry it wasn’t held very straight ( it’s hard to get good help these days – haha)
Its small for me, although I still have a couple of borders to add, and I wanted this little quilt as a quilt for my bed, when I go to Retreats.

I also found a top in my collection, that needed to be quilted so I did just that for my MIL who is 93.

Below are a few photos of my friends tessellating quilts
IMG_2474 IMG_2471IMG_2468  IMG_2467

As you can see they are all looking good. The two on the right were made with 10” squares.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

On A Lovely Winters Day…

a couple of weekends ago a friend and I went to a Quilt Show of one of the many smaller groups in Auckland.
The Show was really lovely and the morning/afternoon tea, which was provided by the quilters was divine. There’s no doubt that quilters can also bake!
I took photos of some of the quilts, but sorry am not sure who made them. 
You’ll see some of the quilts look a bit elongated, as I couldn’t get far enough back to take the photos, so some of them are taken on a bit of an angle. Unfortunately I’ve also missed off a few borders, but you can get the general idea that they were lovely.
IMG_2439 IMG_2440 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2454 IMG_2456 IMG_2451
IMG_2452  IMG_2447

I think these two cushions were part of a challenge.IMG_2438  

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