Friday, September 23, 2011

Spent a very enjoyable day….

with 12 friends, doing a One Block Wonder Quilt. This is an amazing quilt to make, as every-ones fabric turned out totally different blocks, from what you would think. My fabric was as below. I was a little apprehensive as I thought it was probably too dark. I think it would have been better with more  black background. This fabric turned out to be a bit tricky as there was no repeat across the fabric with which to line up the ruler for cutting.There is a 24" repeat going down the fabric.IMG_2492 IMG_2508 These have not yet been sewn together. They are just placed on a flannel wall. I have lots  more to make yet.
I photographed some of the other class participants blocks.
IMG_2497 IMG_2498

  IMG_2509  IMG_2505  IMG_2507 IMG_2503
As you can see there was a wide variety of fabrics. Every-one thoroughly enjoyed the class, and as soon as I get some photos of the finished tops I’ll post them.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Another couple of blocks…

for my Civil War Collection. I think I have caught up, then we get a curly one, which I put in the too hard basket for another day, then before you know it, I am behind again!
Yesterdays was real easy, so I whipped it up between making the blocks for a Wedding Quilt I promised to make.
Block 38 – Ohio Star
Block 38 Ohio Star

Block 36 Kentucky Crossroads
Block 36 Kentucky Crossroads
Block 35 Star of the West
Block 35 Star of the West
Block 33 – Indiana Puzzle
Block 33 Indiana Puzzle
Block 29 Railroad Crossing
 Block 29 Railroad Crossing
 I will post a picture of the Wedding quilt block when the batteries in my camera have recharged.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taking a breather from….

my cursed office work – namely my GST return. I spent most of yesterday afternoon on it, and when it didn’t balance, I checked every entry – 3 times - still no good. By this time about 3 hours had passed and I was getting one of those “STRESS” headaches.
I decided enough for the day, so left the office, and went down to the house and sewed a very easy Nearly Insane block. Amazing how the headache went and I forgot all about the GST.
Sometime very early this morning when the wind outside forced me to get out of bed and close the window, I decided I would delete all yesterdays work and start again, which I did, and now alls good! 
So, I can show you all the blocks I have made in the last couple of weeks.
This was the nice easy one I did after a stressful day.

Block 13

Block 7
Cut one piece a bit short at the bottom, but I’ll have enough to fudged it when sewing together.

Block 7 - Nearly Insane
Block 26

Nice and Easy
 Block 26 - Nearly Insane

Block 36

I never noticed until now that two of the green diamonds go the wrong way. Grr! 
Or are they?

Block 36 - Nearly Insane

Block 42

This was an absolute pain to do as I kept sewing the strips together the wrong way around. I didn’t just do it once, but at least 3 times. Then after piecing the centre I had the two vertical rows of geese going away from the centre instead of towards it. Ah well….
 Block 42 - Nearly Insane

Block 66      
I really like this block.
 Block 66 - Nearly Insane

Block 60 –
Another nice one. I’m trying to have my colours not too drab.

 Block 60 - Nearly Insane

Block 48
This one is a bit different. Some of the blocks are so easy, and some are very difficult.

Block 48 - Nearly Insane

Block 54

I really like the star blocks. I think they are my favourite.

 Block 54 - Nearly Insane
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Friday, September 2, 2011

I Know I Shouldn’t Have BUT…..


I was checking out my friend Linda’s blog and came across her Friendship Medallion Quilt. This is a free pattern put out by the Australian quilt shop, The Patchwork Pumpkin.

They are offering the medallion quilt pattern,  with a few strings attached. They are:

1. You are not allowed to purchase any fabrics for the quilt top. You must use your stash!

2. You may swap fabrics with your friends.

3. Show us your quilt centre to get the next border instructions. No proof? No pattern. No exceptions!

Now, knowing I have so much OLDER fabric I would love to use up, I decided to venture forth…nothing ventured, nothing gained – except maybe another UFO or WIP.Smile


I think I’ll be making this out of a mixture of old and new, Country and Bright. I’m sure it’ll all go together O.K.

Now to get the second part

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