Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two months ago…

Wendy a member of our little quilting group, who used to own a Quilt Shop, came to us with an idea of a mystery quilt which she would design. She gave every-one an applique pattern for the centre block, if they wanted to do one as she had, but we could also make whatever we liked as our centre block. I thought ….hey this would be nice made in Reproduction fabrics, and as I had a block that I had made as an experiment, I thought what a perfect block to 

use. 20130522_111915

I was away the following month, so when I arrived home I emailed and got the 2nd round for this Mystery. This is when I started to get into trouble. Nothing is easy, and I found my block measured 13”instead of the 12 1/2”required. No probs. I thought. I’ll just cut my next round down by 1/2”. Easier said than down as the round measured 1/2”finished. Anyway I accomplished this, but my next round is one short square short on each of the 4 sides. Don’t know how that happened, but it appears my 1/4” SA is on the generous size.

2013-06-30 10.51.15

As it is, I am quite happy with how it looks ….I starched the living daylights out of it. Unfortunately that gave me a light square and a dark square next to each other on a couple of corners, but it’ll have to stay like that. I always think in the last century the women would not have worried about that…so neither will I. :-) VBG!
Will post the next round when done.
While I’m at it I must show you what I have been knitting. A scarf in Angora. Hopefully will be cosy when I go to our Quilt Symposium in Taupo in July. I am using these delightful to knit with needles..Knit Pro by Symfonie.


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At Last……

I am going attempt to post on my tablet without using Windows Live Writer which I don't seem to be able to download to my tablet. While we were in Tamworth we hired a car few 3 days. I have a quilting friend whose husband is a vendor at the Cutting Horse Futurity. Karyn and I took a drive to Nundle, to Patchwork on the Hill. 20130605_12561620130605_125605   A lovely shop with lots of goodies to tempt one.  20130605_130210 I then had another day out with my two quilting 2013-06-07 10.39.22  friends who visit the show every year. A lovely quilt shop in Tamworth. 2013-06-07 10.01.31 2013-06-08 14.06.48 A couple of Mounted Police in Tamworth.2013-06-08 14.07.04 Beautiful quiet horses.
When the show was over DH went home, and I flew to Brisbane where my son and his family live. Had a lovely time.....the children have grown so much ....2 are 19 and the other two are 17. Where have the years gone. The problem is I only see them once a year so they seem to grow fast. :-)  I was taken out for the day by an online blogging friend, to a couple of quilt shops in Brisbane. I managed to buy the sashing for my Nearly Insane Quilt.I figured I would be better buying it whilst away, to save postage. I also had a couple of books I had ordered a month ago and had them posted to my sons place.......again saving postage! Gosh I'm good at saving money. :-) All the more to spend on fabric!!
I was very lucky to have this lamp bought for me by my family, for my birthday & Mothers day this year.
20130612_165712 While in Brisbane I went to a retreat at Mt Alford. What a lovely place, and I had so much fun for the 2 1/2 days I was there. 2013-06-15 10.35.20 Mt Alfrod Retreat 2013  0130617_1a
Unfortunately I had to wait until I was home again before posting this, as I couldn’t get Live Writer to work on my tablet, and I find it hard to post directly to my blog. Something I need to learn to do :-) I love it but……
Anyway thanks for dropping by…I know I am really slack with my postings. :-)
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