Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On The Last Countdown To Christmas Day


We had our family Christmas Celebration on Saturday the 19th. We do this so  the family that can come get to stay for the whole day which makes Grandma a very happy girl.

Usually the children have their ‘other families’ (in laws) to go to, and the day ends up a never ending merry-go-‘round of driving and the littlies end up tired which makes Mum & Dad irritable.


So a great day was had by all, and as I have now done my dash, I get to enjoy Christmas Day at another of the familys’ home. Midnight mass on 24th, sleep, then off to eat Traditional Italian fare. Well Traditional to the family. Lots of wine and nibbles.  The Matriarch aged 92 in April will make gnocchi on Christmas morning. She tells us she has been making gnocchi and sugo since she was 5 years old- helping her mother. Every year we say Nonna ‘thats the best you have ever made’ – then the men will have a snooze.

Looking forward to Boxing Day, when we just blob out, and I will get on with the quilt I am making for my Grandson’s 16th Birthday in Feb.

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Julie said...

Oh I do love Gnocci! Lovely to see your blog update!