Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still at it!

It’s amazing how slow it is sewing 250 odd half square triangles together.

I am trying to make no more than 2 the same, but the pile is slowly growing.

HOW MAD DO YOU THINK I AM? I am thinking of starting a Dear Jane Quilt. My DH says ‘why would you bother’ but I think you can only make so many quilts for the cupboard. Although I have set myself the 16th birthday task for the grandchildren. I have 7 more to do over the next 11 years so that’s not too bad is it?

I am showing a couple of photos of my little gifts that I received over the ‘Quilters Christmas party swaps’. Aren’t they lovely?   

 IMG_1339 This lovely little quilt came from my friend Bonnie in California. Beautifully sewn and quilted.



IMG_1337 Made by my friend Pat, who is in my local quilt group, Village Green Quilters.



IMG_1342   This lovely bag was made by my friend Gayle who is also in my little local quilt group. About 6 of us also share a friendship away from our main group and we picked a name out of a hat and made a gift for that person. This bag was my gift from Gayle. She also added a needle case to match!IMG_1340This is the inside of the bag.

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Julie said...

Join us mad women making blocks for a Dear Jane quilt, I have about 12 blocks so far....? How fortunate to receive such lovely gifts!