Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi Every-one

just had a week with the MIL staying, so was a bit curtailed with the quilting. When our little quilting group was allocated a grant from the Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild to help finance our show, we were asked if we could perhaps donate a quilt to go in the collection of Community Quilts from our Guild. The Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild organises the making and distribution of quilts to worthy organisations in the community.
A few of the women in our group managed to make a quilt each. I made up this quilt from a pattern I saw on Jeni’s site Thank you Jeni, as this is just what I needed to use some of my scraps. It measures 64” x 76” so will be a good single bed quilt for some-one.


Last week 3 friends and I went to the Craft Show in Hamilton. The quilts on display there were absolutely fabulous, and I have some photos to share. The problem is I don’t have permission from the owners of the quilts, and I have been told that maybe I should have, before I show them. It’s all getting a bit PC isn’t it, but I guess one needs to do the right thing.  Sorry this is short and sweet, but I have to get back to stitching the binding down of my quilt that I am entering in the Auckland Festival of Quilts which is on in November.                                           th7_20_91_sewing_smily_face
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