Sunday, July 14, 2019

Off to a wedding

The sun is shining, and the day promises to be lovely for my sister's grand-daughters wedding. We drove down from Auckland on Tuesday morning. As a rule when we leave home, we padlock the farm gate. About 10 k's from home, I said to DH ...why is the padlock on the coffee cup holder?  

So...turn around we did and headed back to lock the gate!
We had a good trip down to Taupo, although at Drury both of us, thought the other had paid for the fuel, when we stopped for a coffee.  Half way down the motorway, I said...I hope you paid for the fuel?  No was the reply, you always do it!!  Thank goodness for cell phones. After ringing them, they told us to pay at their sister fuel station in Taupo, and they would ring ahead and tell them. 

We stayed the night in Taupo, then after breakfast, we headed off to Napier. Lovely weather again, and lunch and a wander around the fishing port, ended the day nicely. 

We headed off for Masterton, and all in all the trip was fine, although by the time we arrived in Masterton, we had picked up a bolt off the road, and we had a flat tyre.  Another drama, but thanks to a lovely young man, my nephew Richard, all was sorted. 

Before we came down I decided it was time to use some of my scraps to make a string quilt as per the challenge set out by Lori of Humble Quilts. Unfortunately I couldn't carry along with the monthly stages, as once started I wanted to keep going to finish it to bring down and gift to my niece. 

Progress at retreat.

Back home on the design wall and deciding on the setting triangles.

 A large stipple on the main body of the quilt. Differential feed as per my Bernina in the triangles.

The two smaller photos of the binding, are more colour correct than the larger photo of the entire quilt.

A part photo of the back of the quilt. I found the purple and gold cats fabric in my stash, and decided it was perfect. Joanna loves cats and has four!

We are staying with my sister and I had to take a photo of the wall hanging I made her in 1999 in the days before smart phone photos. 

 and the wallhanging made for her in 2006

This was made from a pattern designed by the Cloth Shop. 

Tomorrow we are heading back to Taupo, so must away to bed.
Thanks for dropping by