Friday, February 22, 2013


At last I’m back in business.  No excuses really, except life sometimes gets in the way, plus we bought a new laptop – Windows 8 and I have been getting used to it. Its different but no problems really and I’m quite proud of myself having sussed it by trial and error!
I have been blog watching though which, although takes up a lot of time is Very enjoyable. 

I saw a few ( quite a few actually) people are revamping the Scrappy Trip around the World from Bonnie at

I also found this site to drool over :-)

This made me think about the 3 drawers of modern fabrics I have acquired. It was bothering me that the collection was growing, and not depleting  any way, and the fact that I have a grand daughter that I haven’t as yet made a quilt for. So out came the trust cutter and ruler and voila! 

Then some stitching.

Now to make about another 30 and I will have enough for a King Single Quilt.
Thanks for not losing interest in my blog and
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