Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Village Green Quilt Show 2016

The local quilt group I belong to had a very successful show this past weekend. I'm not sure of our numbers, but I think we have approx. 50 members, who produced 90 quilts for the show, which we hold every second year.
Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye...

The display below  are three classes taken by Helen Godden from Australia.


I'm afraid I wouldn't win any prizes for my photography, but you get the general idea of some of the quilts in our show. Alot of the comments from the public were, that it was lovely to see such a diverse range of quilts. Not too many double ups.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby, Baby...

About a month ago, a young couple we know had their first baby, and I thought I'd better get my act together and make a quilt. Mind you I started it when the Mum was in her 6 month of pregnacy. As they chose to Not find out the gender of the baby, I decided to go with bright childrens fabrics.

I tend to make baby/childrens quilts, so they may be used in the cot, then on their first little bed.
They can also use it to lay baby on the floor.
I free motion machine quilted it. 

I followed an idea from Susan Clair of

How to have Fun with Novelty 5" squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 062.

This is the you tube site

Its a fun way to use up all those childrens style fabrics. This is the back of the quilt so its actually double sided.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Sydney 2016


Its taken me a while to get organised enough to write this post. I had a great time in Sydney at Quilt NSW, made even more special by winning 1st Place in my category – Professional Traditional. Special thanks to Expertise Events for my great prize!

It was a wonderful show, with so much variety to choose from with the merchants. The quilt exhibition was fantastic with over 390 quilts on display, and 90 awards given.

There were also 12 different Guild exhibitors ranging from Knitters, Doll collectors, Lace makers, Decoupage, Calligraphers, Handweavers & Spinners etc.

Best of Show

Whizz Bang!


Statement: My exploration of folded point blocks such as Pine Burr, Somerset Star,Pointed Star and an old Chinese folk quilt have resulted in a sampler that is a whizz bang explosion of colour, form and fun!



Below are a few of the lovely quilts that caught my eye. Unfortunately I didn’t get the names of all the quilters.





















A Hoop Display

For the first time ever, a display of Quilt Hoops showcasing a diverse array of Quilt styles. The hoops were hanging from nylon strings, and waved and turned in the breeze. They were double sided. They certainly drew the crowds.



And last but not least My Nearly Insane Journey won 1st place in the Professional Traditional class.


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