Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day Down Under

And the washing is blowing on the line. DH is off playing golf, and I have been chopping the meat up for a casserole. I thought I must post a couple more Civil War Blocks from Barbara Brackmans  blog.
I bought a pack of Civil War 5” squares along time ago in a sale bin, and these have come in really handy as most of my fabrics are just allsorts and some are really quite old.
This one is Block 19

 Block 19 Missouri Star
I really like the look of this block, and the second one is
                                       Block 20 New England
I think I am nearly caught up .
I must get on with some Dear Jane Blocks so I must away.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I’ve had a Couple……

of nice afternoons sewing, and have managed some more Nearly Insane Blocks.  I am piecing mine on the diagonal of the quilt. I find it easier for me to work out where I am and I like ticking them off as I go.
Its funny how the brain works differently for every-one. This works best for me.
This one is Block 23 more fiddly than you realiseBlock 23
Below is Block 29
Block 29
and Block 35 – this block took me all afternoon to piece. My purple is a little close in colour to the blue, but overall I don’t mind it.
Block 35
These little blocks are so addictive, that I really missed sewing them whilst my hand was in plaster. All is well with the thumb now, just need to keep stretching it with exercise.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

An Exercise in Colour

After having bought lots of the new bright fabrics – a mixture of allsorts, I then got into a panic, and thought , what am I going to do with them. Coming from a clothes sewing background, I couldn’t fathom how they were going to sit together without clashing.

I then thought I would start by doing a BOM, where the fabrics are thought out for me, and maybe I’d get the hang of it. ( I’m still not sure I have).

I started with a BOM from Sue Ross from Material Obsession. I mostly handpieced this block, and I must say I still wasn’t sure about the fabric choices, but I thought – no, just go with it and see how it works out.

I’ve had a great week

of sewing bits and bobs. I have sewn 3 more of my Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Blocks and 3 more Nearly Insane Blocks. Also had a lovely day out on the Harbour on a friends launch. Beautiful weather and scenery.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It’s about time….

I posted a photo of the gifts my lovely Brisbane friend Julie gave me, when I was over there in March. I kept forgetting to take a photo.
family and quilting 007 A couple of cute pincushions and a wee bag for all those bits & Pieces. She must have known I collect pincushions!! Thanks Jules!
The plaster is off as from today Yipee! and only needs to go on if and when I feel I need it. I have managed to make another couple of Civil War Blocks. As I am behind a few, I am working back wards. That way I’ll catch up quicker.(:-)
These blocks are kindly posted 1 a week for 52 weeks by Barbara Brackman. I am finding them really enjoyable.
This is block #18 Union Square

Civil War Block # 18
Below is Block # 17 The Comfort Quilt.
I’m having second thoughts about my choice of fabrics for this one. Might have to re-do it!  I think the blue is too light.
Civil War Block # 17

Below are a few of the Quilts at the Symposium, that caught my eye.
This quilt won ‘Best of Show’ and was made by Ansa Breytenbach
It is called Te Timatanga (The Begining)

Below this quilt took my vote for Viewers Choice. I’m not sure which quilt won. I loved this quilt as it was hand quilted.
Marge Hurst, In my Retirement - Best Traditional Quilt.
Below - Helen Marshall - Aurora Florialis
This quilt was also heavenly and was Machine Quilted.
Below -
Debby Williams, Starlight Sonata Opus 8
Miniature Excellence
Below - Liz McKenzie, Gondola Over Wakatipu - Suitcase
and Merit Awards
Below - Robin Halverson, Low Tide -    Merit                                                          042AINNO001 
Below - Rosemary Rush, Retro Razmatazz - Remarkable Use of Colour
Below - Amanda Hasselman, For Freedom - Merit
Below -Fyvie Murray, Baltimore Album VI with Stars - Merit
Below - Chris Kenna Bronze Feathers
Below - Heather Harding, Welsh Traditions - Excellence in hand Quilting
Below - Lyn Ogle, A Day's Catch - Best Non-Traditional Quilt
Below - Lesley O'Rourke, Celtic Wave - Excellence in Machine
Quilting - Long Arm Computerised
Well, I think that’s about enough for today, so I’ll love and leave you
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Monday, May 2, 2011

More on Symposium

I had two very good classes and was Angel for one day. They chose an easy class for me to be Angel for as I still have my plaster cast on ( and will do for another week or so.

I was an Angel for an Art design class, which was not my cup of tea. Try as I may, I just don’t get it, but they were a nice bunch of ladies. Only 7 in the class and I think 3/4 were from Australia.  I am such a traditional quilter!!

My first class was a Miniature Paper Foundation Piecing class, which was quite good, but since applying for the class way back, I started making the ‘Nearly Insane Quilt’ and learned Carol Doak’s method of paper foundation piecing, which I find extremely good.

The pattern was Storm at Sea.

The second class I did was with Gloria Loughman, who is from Australia and is a most generous and wonderful tutor. She is so sharing of her knowledge and I am very keen to finish the quilt. IMG_2105 IMG_2121 Listening very hard!IMG_2125 Just the start of my sky . DH can’t see that its a sunset at all, so hopefully when I have finished it he will rethink.

IMG_2129 We had our Special Dinner night up at the Skyline Restaurant, which means a ride up in the gondola. Not for the faint hearted!!

IMG_2127SGRL_gondola_at_dusk Overlooking the Remarkable Range.


Another couple of pixs from WanakaSue P1020358  P1020437 sue 1     IMG_1005

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home from Symposium

We had a great time at the National Symposium held in Queenstown NZ this past week. I haven’t done any sewing since I came home, as there’s always a payoff for being away from home and the office.

Four of us flew down to Queenstown 2 days before Symposium, hired a rental car, and drove to Arrowtown & Wanaka,and stayed a couple of days. Took some lovely photos.

The colours down there are amazingIMG_2059  IMG_2060 This was the only bit of snow we saw, and it only lasted a day or two then melted away.IMG_2063 The water is so blue, but freezing cold and the grass so green. These photos are not enhanced. That is how the colours are.

IMG_2038 The day here was overcast but the scenery just as beautiful.


IMG_0946 IMG_0949 IMG_1001 After a little retail therapy!!P1020361IMG_2052IMG_2043    Couldn’t resist taking a photo of this sign in a shop window.SueAfter a couple of days sightseeing, shopping, wining and dining, we set sail south to Queenstown and Symposium.


Have just had a lovely weekend of children & grandchildren for lunch and to stay over. It always makes my heart sing to have them here. I don’t see enough of them, so I treasure any times with them.

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