Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Spent the Most Enjoyable Weekend…

in a class tutored by Karen K Stone, from USA. Karen is a wonderful tutor who is very happy to share her ideas and methods on the quilts she has made that weren’t even part of the class. She had brought with her a suitcase full of quilts, and I managed to photograph some of them.P1000394 P1000390 P1000389 P1000397 P1000420 P1000410

The photo above left was our class quilt.

Lots of ribbon, wool, rick rack and anything you wanted to add.

This was an eye opener for me, as I am very organised in my quiltmaking. This was so much fun, as I didn’t worry about what I was doing, and looked upon it as a fun weekend. P1000429 As you can see mine wasn’t up to much, and I have a bit to do still, butP1000423  I think it will be good hanging in the loo. The only space  on a wall that I have left. haha!

Karen demonstrating joining blocks as in QAYG. As there were no class notes to speak of Karen very kindly gave us some notes on another quilt of hers. Photo above.P1000416 P1000417

This one looks like a bit of me. I love those Foundation Pieced Blocks.

P1000451 I came home, full of smiles. I said to my DH how lovely it was to have a weekend of laughter and general silliness with a bunch of friends. That’s what quilting is all about isn’t it?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy, Busy….

I seem to be doing a bit of everything at the moment, but don’t have much to show for it yet.
Last Friday night our little Quilt group held a Midnight Madness, for those who wanted to sew their own projects, and those who wanted to make cushions. As a community project Village Green Quilters (VGQ) sew 15” cushions, and then gift them to the Heart Patients at Auckland Hospital.
These cushions are used as a buffer against the chest wound, in the Patients recovery program. They need them when they are in the car, so get to take them home.


Its such a fun thing to do – going through all the scraps, so on Sunday afternoon I managed to make these cushion tops. I just have to put the backs on them.


 The hardest part for me is making something suitable for a man, as I noticed how much floral fabric I had in my scrap basket.
I also took a photo of our raffle quilt that was beautifully made by Carol one of our members,  with donations of fabrics from the rest of the group.


We are holding our biennial show in July, so will post some Show & Tell then.smile

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