Monday, August 16, 2010

Haven’t really got time but…..

Whew! I am starting to have just a little panic here, and I shouldn’t be spending time doing this, but I said I would show the blocks I made last week of my Nearly Insane Quilt.
Block #  10
image I am really enjoying making these blocks, and at 6” finished they are not so hard to do.
Block # 3
image And below Block # 11
image After putting them on here I noticed they aren’t very straight on the scanner, but I haven’t got time to redo them.
Now to back back to making some more Pies & Tarts. I am going to take these to  hand piece with me on my travels, OH and just in case I don’t have enough to do (HaHa) I will take some Candied Hexagons, that I have drawn and cut out.
Still have Grand-children ‘stuff’ to do and office work for the 20th month, so must away and get on with it.
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Monday, August 9, 2010

11 more sleeps!

I’m on the countdown now to my OE, but still managed to find time to go to another Retreat. At the same place in a beautiful conference centre by the sea, and even though the weather was on the whole, pretty average with rain and wind, its still a lovely place to be. All warm and snuggly inside, with waves crashing on the shore, visible from the large windows in our sewing room.

There were about 28 of us this time, and I managed to get the top pretty much put together this time. Just have the borders to add, then I can start quilting it. This quilt is for grandchild 3 on the list of 16th birthday quilts.

bays retreat 012 I have quite enjoyed piecing this quilt.

In between doing this I have managed to make some more of my Nearly Insane Blocks. Will post a photo tomorrow.

Must away and do some more packing!! Trouble is I can only take 20  kgs.  I think I will be posting some goodies home.

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