Sunday, January 19, 2020

Happy New Year from New Zealand

My first post for 2020. 

The weather here today is fabulous, and very hot, for us anyway. At last our summer has arrived, but we are getting low on water, so have to start conserving. Catching buckets from the washing machine, and kitchen sink for the garden at least. You'd be surprised at how much waste water goes down the plughole in the kitchen sink!

I have finished mainly hand piecing, with a little machining, Jen Kingwells  'The Avenue' and now have it pin basted for big stitch quilting. 

 I started handpiecing this quilt by making and drawing around templates I made myself, but after making a few realised they were not very accurate, which bugged me no end.  I then sent for her templates ( they don't include them with the pattern) and found by cutting, then stitching the blocks were much more to my liking!
I tend to lose interest if the blocks aren't accurate, so this has been a while in the making.

I was hoping that this would fit on a lovely wooden hanger I have in our bedroom, so I can at least change the quilt that has been hanging there for about 13 years. 

I am tired of looking at the same thing. Well, The Avenue has turned out about 4" too wide, so back to the drawing board to make something smaller. 

I have so much trouble making small quilts! :-)

I have now made a start on machine appliqueing my kit from Wendy Williams called 'Dont Leaf Me!
Love the fabrics in the kit. 

Bye for now