Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A lovely day out in Adelaide

With my quilting blog friends Pip, Sheila ( no Blog) and Tara :-)
I have corresponded with these lovely ladies for a while now, so it was great to finally meet them. I had already met Pip whose parents live in NZ.


They took me to two really nice Patchwork shops, then after lunch to Hetties Patch. What a treat that was. I just had to buy these two spotted pieces just because I loved them, and the blue for my Mrs Billings quilt. The templates are to make The Sunburst block and the yummy book which has some gorgeous quilts in it. 


This was across the walking and cycling only path from our accommodation in Glenelg.

 2013-04-26 20.28.22 

2013-04-26 20.04.44

Home again - I went out the back door last night to go up and close the road gate – nearly put my foot in my shoe when I saw this – Can you see the mouse? I let out a shriek of course, but then realised although he was still alive he was only just.
Before we left I managed to finish a baby quilt for Braxton, our 7th GGChild.  P1010804 Not so keen on the straight line quilting, but once I started it was too late to undo.
Bye for now
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Scrappy Quilt

ready for quilting. This was a lot of fun to makeP1010761
Sorry about the quality of the shot but it’s hard to find good help! VBG!        The quilt isn’t really screwed up like it looks!
Hopefully I’ll manage a better photo when I’ve quilted it.
Thanks for dropping by
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Scrappy Quilts

I spent a lovely weekend at a friends holiday beach bach a couple of weeks ago. Five of us all brought our scraps along with the sole purpose of making a scrappy quilt each, we had seen at a show recently. We were going to share scraps/strips, but it soon became obvious that we would never in a million years use all we had. I’m sure my baskets were no less full than when I started!
We had a well deserved ice cream after all our hard work.
And a walk along this glorious beach!
I haven’t got a photo of what every-one made yet, but this is my end result!
Problem now is to quilt it! Any ideas?? Maybe just ditch stitching. I pieced this onto very light weight vilene  so probably only needs a pellon batting??.
Thanks for dropping by after my long absence! 
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