Sunday, February 17, 2019

More Strings

Since I started quilting in 1990, I have acquired lots of fabric! My love  then and for the next say 20 years was country fabrics as well as reproductions.

Some years ago a throwaway comment from my husband, that all my quilts look the same, made me rethink what fabric I was buying. I then slowly came to love the new modern bright fabrics.  Also the family who will eventually get my quilts would I know, prefer the more modern look.

So....what to do with all the fabric that I now ignore and leave in bins!!

I know, I'll make some string quilts for donation.  Thats all very well, but it takes alot of hours to stand cutting up miles of strings.  

 I started piecing this one, but what a disaster it turned into! I cut my strips 2"wide, just added more strips end to end, but it ended up curving around, and one side was about 3 "longer than the other side.

I think this was due in part to my strips not being exactly know with a bump around the fold area.

After looking at various string quilts online, I decided it would be better cut up. I also have 3 lots of about 5 metres each of solid brown fabric, which I no longer like. I purchased them one at a time for a quilt I made years ago, but each time, the shade was wrong. Now its looking at me every time I open my cupboard! 

Any ideas what to do with all the brown fabric?

Anyway I decided this top needed to be cut up and resewn. I folded it then cut into 10"strips.
Sewn together with some of the brown fabric. I was going to have the quilt this way up 

but then decided it would look nicer this way

I am so over it now, so will add a 2" Brown strip right around and bind it ...probably with a multi fabric binding.
It will measure approx. 50" x 62".

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Edit: You can see all the wonderful “string” quilt wonders at Lori’s (Humble Quilts) link up today. Thanks for the challenge Lori!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Strings and friends

At the moment there seems to be a flurry of string quilts, which are so much fun to make.
A few years ago four of us were invited to another friends little beach cottage for a weekend of sewing.
The plan was for each of us to make a string quilt, sharing each others strips. 
My quilt was made with really large blocks, and I was going to use some old calico ( quite thin after years of being curtains)  as my backing instead of paper, but then found it would make the quilt too heavy, so used a light weight sew-on vylene.

We all arrived with our "strings" dumped them in the middle of the room and started sewing.

The cottage is very tiny, so with 5 of us sewing on our tables, and stepping around all our fabric it was a tight squeeze. As you can see we made a pathway to walk through. 

Two blocks stitched together.

 Back of the blocks stitched onto vylene.

 16 blocks together. Each block after trimming and sewing measures 16 3/4".  A funny size, but that was the average of all. 

Its still at this stage, as I'm not sure about batting and machine quilting, but I think I may use a light weight pellon.  

Another day a few years earlier sewing a string quilt for a grand-daughter.

The interest in string quilts and in particular Humble quilts has got me itching to start another one.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Half finished

I seem to have lots of things nearly or half finished, and because I usually like to show finished projects it means I don't blog enough.

I am forever sewing either at the machine or at night by hand. 

On my design wall at the moment is Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt. I loved where it was going, 

but when I got to this stage I decided I couldn't live with the oranges and reds together. Yes, I made it in Bonnies colours.  So, after making all the orange strip sets, they are now going to a different project. Don't ask me which one. VBG! 

So, I turned my red & cream 4 patches around and came up with this plan, which I really like. I used one piece of fabric instead of the orange strip pieced fabric. 

What I also really love is that it has been made totally from my stash. That's what makes me really happy, although I must admit I keep replacing my stash with more stash!

 Sorry its crooked but it is still in rows on my design wall. Hopefully by the next Peacock Party at 

I will have a couple of rows added. 
By the way, I have noticed a mistake, so I'll have to correct it! 

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