Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Birthday Present and bread.

This past weekend I made yet another loaf of this wonderful bread. Its usually the only bread I make now, and is soooo simple. Its called No Knead Bread and can be found on Foodlovers.co.nz.
If you can't find it I can email the recipe.

 Sorry my photos are not so good as there was too much sun reflecting.

I also finished a bag for my Sister's birthday. She doesn't sew or blog, so I'm quite safe showing this.

This is the back of the bag. I used a strong bag pellon, which makes the bag stand up.

This was a free pattern from TeresaDownUnder. Sewn Up. 
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Another UFO to finish

Its been a busy couple of weeks – Grandchildren time, then out and about  Quilt fabric shopping for necessities( of course) in the last couple of days. Sharon and I had a lovely visit to The Country Yard 
where I spent some money, lunch then a visit to Leeanne’s house Quiltmekiwi to see her quilts and her longarm machine. All in all a lovely day out.

Below are the photos of my latest UFO to finish. They are all squared up now and I am about to join them up. Each block measures 181/2" so it will be a large quilt. ( So what else is new - haha)

I'll post again when I get the quilt top finished.
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