Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yay! The office is closed for 4 weeks!

Great feeling – no phones to worry about. As we work our business from home, it tends to make one tied to the place. It’s lovely to relax and not have to worry about work. Only thing that Has to be done, is take care of the horses.

Don’t know if I mentioned we have an orphan foal who is now about 9 weeks old. It’s been hard on DH who has been getting up all hours to feed the wee fellow, but now he’s on 3 feeds a day, which makes life alot easier. Still, stopped us from being able to go away. This morning DH went out to feed him, only to find that the mothering mare ( not his own mother) had given him a wallop on his rear end,which caused the skin to peel back about the size of a 4” square. So, the Vet arrived once again to stitch him up. We thought he may have ripped his skin on something in the paddock, but the Vet said it was a hoof mark. She is a good mare, so he must have done something to annoy her, for her to have done that. DH says, it’s not a hugely bad thing, as its the way the older horses teach the young ones to behave. Just a damn expensive lesson for us!!Lucky & Doughnut - Nov. 2009 035 This photo was taken about 3 weeks ago and as you can see he’s doing pretty well. Today he’s feeling a bit sorry for himself.

Must go and have a read, – a great book called Last Child by John Hart. May even have a nana nap – SHOCK HORROR – never do that, but need  to prepare for Midnight Mass!

Cheers every-one and have a great Christmas Day tomorrow.

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