Friday, May 24, 2013

Thought I would Show you…

how far I had progressed with my Mrs Billings Hexagons. I haven’t started cutting or piecing my larger pieces yet. The Hexies are so portable that I just keep on making them. I am going to Australia in June, and will take some with me to cut, glue then stitch.

 2013-05-22 11.10.33
I am also trying to finish this quilt which was started about 7 years ago. Need to get it off to the Quilter in time for our show in November.
2013-05-22 11.11.26 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It’s been so long….

Since I last posted. Unfortunately Facebook is so easy, that one tends to forget about posting on the blog. It’s easier on Facebook. One sentence will often suffice! haha! even though I am known for having plenty to say!
However I now have a new Smartphone Galaxy 4 so photo taking should prove to be a lot easier! Well I said should be ….I just have to remember not to shake when I take it. It’s less forgiving I think than my camera.
I have just finished Block 49 in the saga of making my Nearly Insane quilt. I have decided to start looking for the sashing fabric, so I can at least get some of the blocks sewn together. I think I have made about 44 blocks so far. 

2013-05-22 10.51.01

The little quilt group I am in- Village Green Quilters are having a Mystery Quilt project this year, and I have made my centre block. This quilt is going to be a Medallion style quilt. Actually the block I am using was a block I stitched together for another project and didn’t use, so I thought I would use it in this quilt. I am going to use Reproduction fabrics for mine. 

2013-05-22 11.19.14

Just a little chat for now and thanks for dropping by
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