Monday, February 27, 2012

Friendship Medallion Quilt..

It’s a beautiful Summers day here today. One of a few we have had this summer – the weather has been VERY average to say the least! Over the weekend while DH played golf ( twice) I managed to piece my flying geese blocks for Round 5 of my Friendship Medallion Quilt. I was going to give it to my of my grand-daughters, but its going to be so large I think I’ll keep it for my bed. I’ve decided I will practise some domestic machine quilting on it, with the help of my friend Sharon, who is a magician with domestic machine quilting.
Sorry about the shadows and chopping the top off, but when you have a helper and the wind blowing, you can only do what you can. :-)
Sues Work February 2012 003
Nothing else to show at this stage, but I have a birthday pressie to make, and I need to make a couple more Nearly Insane Blocks. So, cheerio for now and thanks for dropping by
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Was Slightly Distracted…

from my Medallion Friendship Quilt this past week. After telling my cousin that we planned a trip to her place down country, to visit our DA (her Mother) to celebrate her 89th birthday, she asked me if I intended bringing a quilt to quilt on her Long Arm Frame..
I hadn’t actually thought of it, but as I had started a DGS’s 16th birthday quilt last year, I thought what a good opportunity it would be to finish it. Well, I had only managed to complete about 6 block’s as I found it one of the most challenging things I had made in a long time. The block was very simple, but had to be cut to go one way, for 1 block and the opposite (sort of :-))  for the other.. The challenge was to get all the blocks made in a week, along with all the other things one has to do in life.
I am really happy with the way it turned out, although I should have made another row on each side, plus another row top and bottom to complete the pattern correctly. That would have made the quilt 84 x 92.Troys Quilt
I figured that was fairly large for a young man, so finished it up at 60 x 72. I have only done a large stipple, as I didn’t have time to try anything fancier.
Now to finish it off and bind it.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendship Medallion Quilt…

I am really pleased to say I have finished round 2 of my Medallion Quilt from Patchwork Pumpkin thanks to Linda who inadvertently gave me the push to get back into it. :-)
Friendship Medallion Quilt 002
Then last week I went to my friend Sharon’s place and pieced Round 3, so now I am waiting for Round 4 to be given to me.
This quilt is designed by Patchwork Pumpkin, but the participants must use fabrics from their stash and not buy any for the quilt. This is VERY easy for me to do. :-)
After completing a round a photo is sent to the shop, and the next round is sent to you.
Round 3
Friendship Medallion Quilt 004
I have also completed another block in my Civil War series.
Block  # 46   Apple Tree
Civil War Block #46
Thanks for dropping by
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