Saturday, November 19, 2011

Umm! where to start

After 5 x 12hour days – 2 spent helping set up the Show and the other 3 attending and packing down, I feel I could sleep for a week, but life won’t let me! The annual quilt show – Calico Christmas 2011 was a great success once again. I have managed to take photos of a few of the 269 quilts we had on display.
I have a lot of catching up to do quilt wise. My 2 or 3 on-line projects, the wedding quilt which should have been finished 3 months ago, and the 2 x 16th birthday Grandies quilts that are needed for 2012.
Firstly though I need to catch up on some sleep, so I can tackle the wonderful weekend retreat that I am off to this coming weekend. I feel its just what the doctor ordered.    smile

7 days later……….Back to some sort of normality now, although at the moment we have family staying from Albany WA.  I haven’t done any sewing apart from my weekend away, so soon I’ll be having withdrawal symptoms.
Here are some photos of the show that caught my eye. Unfortunately I don’t have names for all the quiltmakers.

Best of Show – made by Colleen Burr


All Doilied Up made by Jocelyn AtkinsonIMG_2704 IMG_2700
Both the quilt above – Blue Rose and the quilt below  - Surfers Paradise were made by Ansa Breytenbach

This quilt ‘Lost Worlds’ was made by Ansa Breytenbach IMG_2705 IMG_2698

Below ‘Kitchen Blues’ was made by Chris Behersing
IMG_2713 IMG_2731 IMG_2732  IMG_2711 IMG_2718

Below – ‘A Wedding Ring at Last’ made by Donna Cumming

Above - Indian Rhapsody made by Hazel Foot - (President of the Auckland Patchworkers and Quilters Guild)

 IMG_2693 IMG_2696 IMG_2708IMG_2710IMG_2726 IMG_2688
This quilt was made by the members of the APQG as a raffle quilt. I have had to crop the photo as there was a chair in front of the quilt, but the quilt was a queen size. We sold out of the raffle tickets early Sunday morning.

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