Monday, November 19, 2012

The Quilt is Finished

So I can now post a photo of it with all the lovely quilting, which was done by Judi on her Long arm quilting machine.Close-up of Judi's quilting 2012 Auckland Festival of Quilts 2012 157 I never won a prize, but received 5 Excellent’s & 2 VGood’s on the critic, so it shows you the high standard of our Show.
The next thing is to put it in my suitcase and take it to Australia along with the two quilts I have made for two
Grandsons. I’ll probably get done for excess baggage! :-)Auckland Festival of Quilts 2012 103 Auckland Festival of Quilts 2012 102

In the mean time I have made this cute little wallhanging from Lori’s web page. I had a few ways I could have pieced the blocks together

but I think I’ll settle for the way Lori pieced it, as that was what I liked about it. P1010039

I must get back to making my Christmas gifts, so thanks for dropping by
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Monday, November 5, 2012

So Much has Happened…..

Since I last posted. I was going to post a photo of what I had done at our retreat, but never got back to doing it. Then DH and I drove to my Son & DIL and grand children’s place for my GD’s 8th birthday. Whilst there my DH had a heart attack. Fortunately for him it was not a massive pain and drop down on the floor kind of HA but when he was finally admitted to the hospital, they told us it was a big one. It seemed to happen slowly over Friday night and then after we arrived home, on the Saturday night. By then I made the decision to call the Ambulance. I had to run down the drive ( 100 metres) in the dark waving a big torch. We live in Rural Auckland, and in the dark the paramedic couldn’t read the number on our gate. He was admitted at midnight on Saturday, and had the most wonderful care and attention, from all the staff in the North Shore Hospital. He had a stent inserted into one side of his heart on the following Tuesday. Home on Thursday, but will have to go back in a fortnight to have another stent put in the other side of his heart.
Looking back he had been feeling a little breathless over the week or two prior to this, and just told himself to ‘toughen up!’  This has been such a shock to every-one, as my DH is quite fit – walks four hours around the golf course ( no cart for him ) and he is not over weight. Even his GP was surprised!  The hardest part for him he said, was feeling scared.
I have a couple of photos of the birthday presents I made at our retreat for Jenna.P1010041  Tada! ....Presenting
  …..aka. lemon eater! ‘cause that’s what these furry creatures do!
She is a puppet, with a tail filled with rice.
P1010045 My Australian friends love them, but us Kiwi’s really can’t stand them as they endanger our wildlife! but…. in saying that she’s pretty cute! The children loved her.

I P1010070 also made this skirt which funnily enough was called Jenna’s skirt on the pattern. 

Birthday party in action!P1010056

P1010066 P1010063
Next day, brother and sister out on the waterP1010072 P1010071
A week or so ago I made a little bag for putting threads in when sewing.P1010048 P1010049
Well, I'm on the count down now, until Christmas. The month of November seems to fly for me, and before you know it, it's the 25th December. :-)
Thanks all for dropping by
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