Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Bit of Show & Tell….

from our Wednesday group of VGQ, my little local group. A nasty old day, wind, rain and quite cold, so ventured off for some quilting.

2013-08-21 12.25.24 2013-08-21 12.24.58 Sue and Esther sewing their Farmers Wife Blocks.

2013-08-21 12.22.35 
Lois and her lovely applique.

 2013-08-21 12.23.07 
Jennie sewing the last of her applique on her Vintage Crosses quilt.                                                                                                                          Pattern available at Pinevalley Quilts

2013-08-21 12.23.33  
Sheila preparing some Farmers Wife Blocks.
2013-08-21 12.23.52
Lorraine preparing some applique blocks.

2013-08-21 12.24.31 
Chris stitching her Blue Work

  2013-08-21 12.50.47 
A couple of lovely bags made by Lorraine.

2013-08-21 12.56.172013-08-21 12.49.28 Ngaere’s Jelly Roll quilt. 
More of my Hexagons for Mrs Billings Coverlet.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Had an enjoyable…

couple of hours away from home yesterday afternoon. DH and I went down the road – 10 minutes away – had lunch which was very yummy, then went to our local patchwork shop  All Things Patchwork.
Well actually we went across the road to the Waimauku School Hall where Cheryl the owner of All Things Patchwork, had set up a one day only show. 
The quilts were made by people who buy most of their fabrics from ATP. It was a really lovely show with not many repeats which sometimes can happen in small shows.
I dont know the names of the people who exhibited these quilts, but they were some of my favourites.

2013-08-10 13.57.51

20130810_140414 20130810_140048 20130810_135800
20130810_135814 20130810_140502 20130810_135449 20130810_135824

Hope you enjoy these colourful quilts. Sorry a couple are blurry. Was using my phone.
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home again after Symposium

I spent a wonderful week away in Taupo. Lake Taupo is the largest Lake

 in New Zealand.  P1020033 P1020082 P1020084 
 at the NZ Quilt Symposium. The weather was picture perfect, as the week before had been freezing temperatures, and snow on the outskirts. The weather for us was cold, but beautiful sunny days. Our thermals were well used, and I’m very glad I bought one or two more to take with me. Sharon and I added some $$ to the business’s in Taupo, as well as the Merchant Mall at the symposium.  Books from Quiltmania, a little bit of fabric ( not much as I have so much already) and a few little handworking kits. I did a class with Kim McLean from

 Australia 2013-07-21 15.14.45 which was interesting, and a really good class with Phillipa Naylor from England, learning Trapanto which was very different for me, and very enjoyable. A great tutor! . This class was not something I would normally have done, but as I had a free day I thought ,,,Why Not! I’m really pleased I did it, as it was so much fun. We even had an elderly gentleman in the class, who said he had bought his wife ( who was a cross stitcher ) a new sewing machine, but after a couple of lessons, she decided to go back to her cross stitch. So, not wanting to have wasted his money, her husband took over the lessons, and now thoroughly enjoys making

 quilts!2013-07-23 08.37.52 2013-07-23 16.23.03 
This was a class sample – not my work unfortunately.

As we had a couple of free days, we popped over to Rotorua to see Cottage Flair Patchwork, and decided to have lunch at the 2013-07-19 14.02.28 Rotorua Museum  cafe. This is a great looking building.

After a week at home, our Guild put on a class with Gwen Marston from USA which was absolutely excellent. She is a lovely lady and we had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of carefree quiltmaking!

 2013-07-27 10.26.36

On the Sunday the workshop committee ladies organised a high tea for our lunch. We all bought a plate of food, and were able to use beautiful old fashioned china which really did make the tea taste nicer. haha!

   2013-07-28 12.49.19 2013-07-28 12.51.38

I’ll show a pic of what I made next time.
In the meantime its back to the drawing board, or should I say sewing machine to remake 72 x 9 patch blocks

I have made 72 x 9 patch blocks but cut them wrong. Now I have to start all over again. What to do with the mistakes!!
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