Saturday, September 21, 2019

A beautiful Spring Day!

The time flies when you are having fun, so they say!  I sew almost every day which is so wonderful. I am very lucky having such a large space in which to do this, although I don't seem to have alot to show at the moment. 

One thing I have finished is two cot/baby quilts for our new neighbours, who 8 weeks ago had a little girl.  They also have a 2 year old boy, so I thought I can't make for one and not the other! 

I managed to buy a panel of a unicorn, and added some sawtooth stars made from my 30's stash.  I also pieced the back using the same stash cut into 5" squares.

I must say it was a perfect rectangle, but my hanger leaves a bit to be desired! LOL!  I had to chop out his fingers and slippers! Not literally of course...haha!

 Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of the machine quilting, before I gifted them.

You can see it on the animal quilt. I did wavy lines about 1 1/2" apart, and then went the other way, which made it more like criss cross.

The sashings were from my stash again. YEAH!

 The backing was one that went with the panel fabric, so it was nice to get it matching. I had to join of course to be large enough.  Both quilts measured approx. 45" x 50"

The mum of these two littlies sent me a photo of them both with their quilts, and the 2 year old loved his!

I always remember my mother, who was a dressmaker, saying it was much harder to alter a garment than to make a new one from scratch.  Well, in my opinion the same could be said for adding onto a quilt.  I made a quilt for my grandson who was 15 at the time, see here.
 About 6 months ago he moved into a large bed ( he is now 6' 2" ) and I found his quilt in the cupboard, cause it was too small for the bed. I brought it home, and added a strip after removing the border on the side and top and bottom. 

It looked and sounded easy, but I wouldn't want to do it again!  Anyway he now has a quilt he can use. I've always liked this quilt, so felt it was worth doing, and of course I still had plenty of fabric in the STASH! 

Photo taken on my spare bed.

showing the border.

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