Monday, June 27, 2011

Hoorah..I’ve caught up…..

I’m very pleased to say I have at last caught up with my Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Blocks.
I am enjoying making these blocks, but unfortunately have been slack in making my Nearly Insane Blocks, so will have to make a concerted effort.

Civil War Block 26
Barbara Frietchie Star
Block 26 - Barbara Frietchie Star

Civil War Block 25
Calico Puzzle 
Block 25 - Calico Puzzle

Civil War Block  24
Ladies Aid Album
Block 24 - Ladies Aid Album

Civil War Block 23
Illinois Roads
Block 23 - Illinois Roads

and last but not least

Civil War Block 16
White House
Block 16 - White House

Not much to say this time, as I’ve been busy working out a claim  for Qantas and sewing.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thanks To Air NZ…….

We are now home, safe and sound, after being stranded in Sydney (although Qantas put us up in the Menzies Hotel, in George Street, which was very nice) for 4 extra days. Why would that be a problem, I hear you ask? When you have a DH who paces around because he can’t ride  horse, or have a game of golf, it gets a little wearing, especially if he isn’t interested in exploring.
However I managed to persuade him to hop on a bus and go with me to Annandale to Quiltsmith where I had a fabulous 1 1/4 hours ( it was counted) browsing and shopping. My DH even asked a woman going into the shop if she would tell his wife to hurry up. It was all done jokingly I must add, but the woman was horrified, and said there was no way she would ask a Quilter to hurry. It was all very funny and he had all the women in the shop laughing.
What an amazing array of fabrics. If it wasn’t for the over weight bags I had already, I would have bought more, but guess what – I was there in time for their 25% off everything sale.

 IMG_2358 IMG_2359 

A photo of the yummy Reproduction fabrics I bought.


Prior to that adventure, I arrived in Sydney on my own, on the way to Tamworth, and had 2 wonderful days walking and shopping. I caught a bus to Material Obsession in Drummoyne and spent about 3 hours browsing and shopping. Also went to the outlet shop and bought myself a thermal top, as I hadn’t predicted the weather correctly and was freezing. Of course I had some in my suitcase at the hotel, but that’s the way things go sometimes. :-)

Here is the view I had from my hotel balcony in SydneyIMG_2313 - the Medina Grand Harbourside. Very Nice!


I coudn’t help but buy this little set of GFG templates and fabrics to sew while I
was away. As you can see I got quite a few done.IMG_2362  Now to get them sewn together as flowers.
I also bought some gorgeous brights from MO to make a quilt for my DGD.

I just need to get some Choc. Brown for the background. I would have bought it there, but I was nervous about the weight of my bag.

Must get to the sewing machine and catch up with my Civil War Blocks.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whew 2 in one day..

Thats going abit over the top, but I have some of Barbara Brackmans Civil War blocks made which I must show you.
This block was a little tricky with all the HST’s, so I changed it a little – unfortunately my stripes don’t match very well.

Civil War - Block  22

Block 22 Blockade

Civil War Block – 21

Underground Railroad
The fabric on the corners has come out brown, ( from the scan) but they are in actual fact black
Block 21 Underground Railroad

Civil War Block- 13
Little Blue Basket
Block 13 Little Blue Basket

and last but not least

Civil War - Block 10

Lincoln’s Platform
Block 10 Lincoln's Platform

I think I am nearly caught up. Might just have 1 more to do.
Thanks for dropping by – please leave messages. I love to read them. :-)

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Another Lovely Autumn Day…

And I thought I should post some photos from the Retreat I went to last weekend, at Waiwera, which is a little coastal bay on the East Coast of NZ, about 30 mins  north of Auckland.

The retreat lasts for 4 days, but I only managed 3. I find for me that’s fine, as I have other things pressing at home, that needs my attention. (DH) haha! and office work.

Waiwera 007 Waiwera 012 Waiwera 009 Isn’t this a fabulous looking tree.Waiwera 010

Now onto the main business of the weekend….Waiwera 002

We are a small group of about 20 ladies, and although the sewing area is a bit restricted, it makes for a cosy group of like minded people. Alot of the women were doing hand work, but I took my trusty sewezi table  (forground). I love this table as it makes me quite independant – if there’s not enough room on the tables.

See my little lady pincushion hanging on my machine– thanks  Julie – she drew lots of favourable attention.

I have added some photos of what people were working on.Waiwera 020   Waiwera 036 Waiwera 033 Waiwera 042

Waiwera 043

Waiwera 053 Waiwera 054

Waiwera 047

Waiwera 051 Will post a photo of what I am making as soon as I take a photo.

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