Friday, August 1, 2014

On target….

with quilting my Mrs Billings quilt. I haven’t been anywhere much, and most of my friends have pretty much given up asking me out but, all is going well with my quilting. I have been borrowing Audio Books from the library, and I must admit, I stay quilting longer whilst listening to a good mystery. The only problem with borrowing is, the last book, I got up to nearly the end of the book, and it automatically went back to the library before I found out who murdered the three people. I had to re order it to find out. :-)
Here is a photo of my progress. I have allowed myself up to the end of August to finish these 4 borders. I am onto the 2nd border now. I have planned a week in Sydney at the end of August and when I get home I will have a month to finish the quilt.

Mrs Billings jpg

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