Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Little sideline….

from quilting Mrs. Billings. I am hand piecing a “Trip Around the World” and loving it. I am using the Inklingo method which I find really good. Makes my seams near perfect! 

TAW  is an online quilt-along with Brigitte Giblin  and I am now onto row 19. Its quite addictive and I manage to stitch about 2 hours each night. It makes a nice change from the Hand Quilting.  2014-09-08 13.55.53

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Home again…

From a lovely week in Sydney. I traveled by train down to a small town called Berry, where I was attending a Quilters Retreat.
I had a wonderful time – all the quilters I met were really nice and friendly and I saw so many happy faces!
One of my class mates Julie Kennedy offered me a lift back to Sydney on the Sunday evening, which saved me about 3 or so hours traveling by train on the Monday. This gave me more time on Monday and Tuesday to go shopping. I REALLY needed to add to my stash – Yea Right!
2014-09-05 10.06.22
I feel a little embarrassed at the collection. When I laid them all out for a photo I must admit I was a little shocked at how much I bought home, and no excess luggage.
The reason I had room in my bag was that I had taken some gifts over and posted them to the Gt Grand children in Perth. Back and front photos of the Hungry Caterpillar Quilt made for baby Hayley Jane.
 2014-08-25 14.57.28 2014-08-25 14.57.10
Michelle Marvigs Class
Some of the Moulin Rouge Challenge
The start of my quilt made in class with Kathy Doughty
Back to hand quilting Mrs Billings – she is too big to take any decent photos so I’ll wait until she’s finished and hanging.
Thanks for dropping by and looking at my very spasmodic blogging. Facebook has made it too easy to keep up with friends. :-)
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