Monday, August 17, 2009

To Prove I Did Do Some Work!!


A dear GD in Australia had her 13th birthday last week, and even though this is a little late I’m sure she’ll like it.

I even put a pocket for the cell phone and another for the ipod!

The pattern was from a Little Projects Club through Cushlas in Auckland

My photos can be enlarged if you click on them.


This shattered nine patch quilt is for a dear GGS  who also lives in Australia ( different family) He is 6 months old now.

Still needs a bit of quilting.


The last one is  a table runner for me. Still have a couple of borders to add then I ‘ll machine buttonhole the flowers after I have basted and batted it.


A Lovely Weekend Retreat!

What a great weekend of chatting, eating, drinking and sewing. Not necessarily in that order!LOL
I know the photo is dated 2008, but I was at the same place, and as the weather was pretty stormy , I never got to take a photo when the sun shone through for about 30 minutes.
23rd June 2008 Akld Quiltmakers Show and Retreat at Long Bay 013 The food as usual was divine, and the chef ( YES a chef) w as very generous with his recipes.
As you can see it was a very busy and productive retreat. I arrived at about 4pm Friday evening, and sewed to my hearts content, only stopping to eat the wonderful meal and drink some wine.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

This is a better photo ( I hope) - nope! Seems like you need to click on the picture to get a bigger view of it. My photos seem to be too high in megapixels. If anyone can help me get this problem sorted I would greatly appreciate it!
Darn it - I didn't see the peg bucket in the way until it was too late. Ah well never mind I'm not going through all that again. :-))
My husband was quite concerned when he was looking at the quilt in the last stages of it being made. I could see he didn't want to say anything ( unusual for him) He then asked me if I had made all the blocks. The penny dropped as to what he was getting at. I told him the stripes were meant to be skew wiff and not straight. He was happy then. He thought I was getting lazy with my piecing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finished in Time for the Birthday!

Goodness me, it takes me just about as long to set this blog up correctly, as it does to make the quilt!!
Trouble is I don't do it often enough.

This quilt was a great success thanks to the idea from maryquilts
and our GD was very happy. It was for her 9th birthday.
I put polar fleece on the back and didn't put any batting in the quilt. Also when I made the string blocks I used some old calico curtains for the back of the blocks rather than paper.
Not sure if I'd do that again, as it's quite heavy, but I didn't want to get rid of all the paper. On second thoughts I don't suppose it's any heavier than if I'd batted and backed it. It's a double bed quilt and measures 64" x 72"

Now onto finishing a cot quilt for # 4 Great GS who lives in Australia.