Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Work!

I can’t believe its a month since I last blogged. My how time flies.
I had a lovely holiday with my sister visiting the old home town haunts we used to go to as children and reminiscing. We were very disappointed however to find the house we grew up in, was no longer there. Demolished to make way for a huge truck stop and petrol station. Ah well, you can’t stop progress. But, further down the same street, our Grandparents home was still there, and unbelievably our Great Grandmothers house a bit further along. Yes we were all in the same street, as happened in the "good old days". After arriving back from my holiday, the days have flown by. Lots of office work ( end of financial year) and everything in the garden needs to be preserved for the winter. I have been busy freezing Feijoas and made some plum jam from plums I froze last year.
 P1000312 P1000313
I managed to do some appliqueing at night, and I don't know whether I have been back basting or front basting my applique, but whatever its called I am loving it. Its so much easier than pinning or glueing.
Cathy of Cabbage Quilts has a great tutorial on the method I used over on this site.

I managed to get the 12 handles of my small Basket Quilt done ready to sew the rest of the basket when I arrived home.
I have also made two little bags as gifts using the method of Leesa Chandler out of an old Quilters Companion mag.
Thanks for dropping bye – I’ll try to be quicker next time.
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