Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Friendship Medallion revisited

Last Sunday I pulled out this top that has been languishing in the pile of UFO’s for some time. If you want to see how this started click on the link below.
I am embarrassed to see the date on this!
I laid it out on the floor and realised straight away, why it had been put to one side. It wasn’t laying flat, which means my seams were out somewhat, and in a medallion quilt this just doesn’t work.
At first I thought …ah it’ll quilt out, but it really bugged me to the point that I had to undo and resew!
Unfortunately I could see the problem was at least 3 borders back!!
This wasn’t the worst of it, but it was the only photo I took. So,   I undid it back to the black border! 

So, undo it I did!IMG_1633IMG_1634IMG_1635

After 5 days of unpicking, and remeasuring and resewing I am up to here….which is where I was before I started.


In doing this exercise I realised what the problem was…..2 different sewing machines, plus me doing a scant 1/4”seam instead of a regular 1/4”seam. Most of my seams were about 1/16th of an inch too small, and on a border like the zigzag border that had 19 seams per row, that made a difference of over 1”.
On any quilt this wouldn’t have been a problem with me sewing the whole quilt, but a Medallion quilt each border has to fit!!
Now to measure and fit the last 2 borders.
All done, but I could only manage to photograph 1/4 of the quilt as its quite large, and after laying it on the floor ( we had to shift a blanket box to get enough room) to measure and remeasure every seam and ending up with threads for Africa all over the carpet, I wasn’t going through all that again!
DH was very good and didn’t comment once about all the threads that were on the floor for about 5 days, but once I’d vacumned ( my most DISliked job) I decided 1/4 of the quilt was enough to show! Haha!



She's now off to my long arm quilter to be basted, so I can practise my domestic machine quilting on this quilt. Wish me luck. :-)

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Umm not sure

 about my fabric choices for this block, which is from month 4 of my Sarah Fielke BOM, called 'Happy Days'. Also the next time I make a reverse needle turn applique block ( I think there is another one coming up) I must choose my fabric more carefully as far as the fraying ability of the fabric is concerned. The green wasn't too bad, but it could have been better. 
Also I thought the green on the gray background would look pretty funky, but I think looking at it now,  one of the fabrics should have been quieter.

The pieced block worked out fine.  Now to get my basket of flowers applique block basted and stitched.

I'm also participating in a Gwennie inspired QAL which is an original ( for me) based on the style of folk art quilts by Gwen Marsdon. This challenge is organized by Lori and friends. The first part of the challenge is on Humble Quilts.


Way back in the 1990's I collected as many old and new Lady's Circle Patchwork magazines as I could, and although over the years I have culled many mags. these are ones, that I just couldn't get rid of. After leafing through many, I found lots of articles written by Gwen, and her methods of applique,  patchwork and quilting are just do your own thing. She sometimes, but not very often included patterns, but described how to make your original work.

I have been quilting for approx. 25 years and this is only the 2nd or 3rd original quilt I have ( or will have ) made. 

Last but not least here is the loaf of bread just taken out of the oven. No sugar or oil. I make this alot and you only need 2 slices for lunch to last you until dinner time!  haha. Its very filling!

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Doll Quilt Swap

In the last couple of months I participated in the 3rd annual  Doll Quilt Swap organised by Lori of Humble Quilts.
The fabrics to be used were to be  1775 - 1910 style.
No larger than 24"square, but can be smaller.

There were 90 participants, and Lori put all the names together, then told each of us, our swap partner.
I really enjoy doing this swap, and most times don't want to post it on. :-)

This is a photo of the quilt I made and sent away to my partner

I machine quilted ( only cause I ran out of time to hand quilt it) using my most favourite pattern - Baptist Fan. Slightly different in size to my normal large quilts. 

 This is the quilt I received from Judith in California.
This is a beautifully made quilt, and I also received a delightful Cathedral window pincushion.
If you go on over to Lori she having a linky up party. you'll be able to see the rest of the quilts

  Now, back to my hand applique.  :-)

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Monday, May 9, 2016

A wonderful weekend

 I was very happy when two of my quilts were accepted for the inaugural, biennial, Great New Zealand Quilt Show which was held in Rotorua this past weekend.

As it was my DH's birthday on the Friday, we decided we would take a road trip down, stay a night in Rotorua, visit the show, then go over to visit with family for Mothers Day in Taupo. 

It was an excellent exhibition with approx. 85 juried quilts on display.

Imagine my delight, when on Thursday evening I got a phone to say my Quilt 'Mrs Billings Returns' had won BEST OF SHOW!!  To say I was excited is an understatement. 

I was so lucky to be presented with a series 5 Bernina. Thank you Bernina!

I would love to know what he said to me! ( I can't remember)

When Natalie rang me on Thursday night, as I said I was very excited, but then she said....'but, wait there's more'!

My Nearly Insane Journey won Best Bed Quilt!

 What an amazing feat! 2 quilts and 2 prizes!

I am so grateful to Quilters Lane from Masterton for sponsoring the 1st Prize for this category.

I couldn't get a shot of the whole quilt with the ribbon as I couldn't get back far enough.

Sorry if I sound as though I'm doing too much bragging, but its a once in a lifetime achievement for me and I'm pretty chuffed as you can tell!

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