Monday, December 21, 2009

At Last Back To Blog Land!

Oh my gosh! It's been so long, and I keep feeling guilty. It's like that letter you owe a friend, and keep meaning to write, but never seem to get around to it!!
I am reading every-one else's blogs and some of them start feeling like friends. It's such a lovely feeling.
I've made a few Christmas gifts in the last month, some of them sent to USA, some given to friends in my quilt group and one sent to Australia.
The above are jewellery rolls made from a pattern from my local quilt shop.
My DDIL had a birthday early December, so made a new bag for her. She absolutely loved it, as she said, when she wears black its nice to have something bright to go with her clothes.
I have shown the reverse of this bag also. It has really useful pockets on the front, and of course a place for that phone ( which never seems to leave her hand.LOL)

This year in my little quilt group of 8 friends, we decided to draw a name out of a box and to make a gift just for one person. This scheme worked really well, as you knew what the friend would like. My friend was tricky though as she’s quite outgoing in her clothing and in her quilt making,and has really great colour sense. I remembered she admired a bag I made myself a few months ago, so I made one for her. This time I used quite a strong batting, which made the bag stand up on it’s own. Better I think than a soft batting. Next time I make it I may try the very strong interfacing instead and see how that goes.

I need to make myself another one in colours suitable to wear with jeans, and red & white. 

BTW she loved it!

Must away now and think about dinner, oh and a glass of wine!


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Julie said...

Welcome Back! You have been busy, it is really lovely to feel like we are sharing a cuppa as I read your blog, let's do it more often!