Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few more photos of my trip to the Outback of Australia. One of the gals on the trip filled a water bottle from the Tasman Sea in Sydney and emptied it in the Indian Ocean. There were 5 Kiwis ( New Zealanders) on the trip and we had our photo taken at the half way point across Australia. One of the kiwi gals celebrated her 87th birthday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whoops! forgot to say thank you to Julie in Alabama for shaming me into getting on with my posting. It's lovely to know other people are enjoying the blogs. Also thanks to all who leave comments. They are neat to read!
A couple of photos from the 800 odd that I took on this holiday- at one of the Show & Tells. Not sure whose quilts they were, but as you can see they are great. Nothing much of my own to share this time, so I'd better knuckle down and get on with some handquilting I am doing on a queen size quilt.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home to the Land of Water

I arrived home on 20th August after being away for 5 weeks. I went on a Quilters Outback Tour of Australia, then I finished off with a stay in Queensland with my son, DIL and 4 grand children. They are all teenagers, and my oh my that washing machine never stops.

The trip was so good, and it was lovely meeting up with old friends. I went on the 2005 tour and most of the people on the 2008 tour were the same, give or take 2 or 3.

24 of us included the coach captain and the organisors. We visited a number of quilt shops ( doesn't the bank manager know it!) and also met up with quilters for pot luck meals. We made little gifts to take with us, and these were handed out at the get-togethers we had with the host groups. A lovely idea, and people often form new friendships from this.

One of the highlights of the tour was where the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet. Very windy spot, and I ended up with quite a wind burnt face.
I took a few photos of some of the wildflowers in WA, although most of them weren't flowering as yet. Sorry not sure of their names, so best to write nothing.