Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Quilt Finished!

Another DGS’s quilt is finished. Well, it has been for a week or two, but I haven’t managed to get it photographed and blogged until now. I was very happy with this quilt – you know what it’s like, this was one of those quilts that you would really like to keep but can’t, ‘cause there’s no room left in the cupboard!!

I made myself a pledge to make all the grandchildren a quilt each for their 16th birthdays. This is # 2 done, and only 7 left to do.



   Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I had the sun beating down and two reluctant holders with arms stretched.  I machine quilted this on my Pfaff and was very pleased with how it turned out. My friend said to me, its because I have done 2 or 3 now, and its all practise. Also this was alot easier to manage in the machine, as it wasn’t as big as what I usually make.This is a topper for a double bed and measure approx. 73” square.

We had our family Christmas day yesterday, so now its all relaxing for me, as I’ve done the stressing bit. DH says he doesn’t know why I get so stressed. I don’t know how he thinks everything would get cleaned and food made for 12 adults and 4 kids if I didn’t.

Any-way now I can get the last minute sewing bits & pieces done for friends and there’s no panic. Our trip to Brisbane has now been changed to March ( birthday time) so that’ll be nice for the family there.

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Linda said...

Your plan to make a quilt for each grandie on her/his 16th birthday is quite admirable! Guess I have a little time yet to decided whether I want to adopt that plan too. The quilt is beautiful. Definitely suitable for a guy. And that you FMQed it on your Pfaff is very impressive. You go girl!

Enjoy your down time. The doin's here are coming next week. Merry Christmas!

Julie said...

Are these blocks done on foundation squares? The quilt looks fabulous, I can imagine it will be very hard to give this one away.