Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Box Arrived at Last!

When my sister and I were in Wales back in September ‘10 we knew we were going to struggle with our luggage with the bits & bobs we had already bought, and we were only 2 weeks into our journey, so…. both of us decided to post ourselves home a LARGE box. In it was some clothing we weren’t going to wear anymore on the trip, and some souvenirs, but most importantly mine had some Dutch Fabric I had purchased at the Birmingham Show.
You can imagine how I was feeling by now, that the box still hadn’t turned up. A friend said not to worry as sometimes their mail from the UK arrives months later, so I was trying to be positive. The clothing didn’t matter, but the fabric DID!!
Well today it arrived and it was really exciting, ‘cause I forgot half the stuff I had bought.


I don’t remember buying the Japanese type fabrics or the blue/green ones.
For the last 3/4 days I have been plodding through the making of  my Nearly Insane Block # 8. I realised everyone was making them in the diagonal order, so I thought I’ll just ‘bite the bullet’ and make a start. I set up my sewing machine on my sewEzi table and put it in the lounge. I have outgrown my sewing room, in so much as I don’t have much room to sit and sew, as its full of fabric, and I find it a bit depressing in the clutter. Its so nice out in the open, so until DH complains I’ll keep on there. I can see on the photo its a bit wonky on the top right corner, so I might have to do some work on it. – We’ll see!!

Nearly Insane Blocks 8  

This is the other one – # 14Nearly Insane Blocks 8 001

I am enjoying making these blocks – no rush and just pop over to the machine when I can and sew a bit more!
Thanks for dropping by


Anonymous said...


Love all of those goodies, it probably feels like shopping all over again. Nothing like a few surprises. Love your new blocks, they are to die for.


Julie said...

What lovely purchases, and especially nice when you forget what you bought and get a surprise all over again. I love your blocks, they are beautifully done. Must be the new sewing environment!!!LOL

pinewood said...

Hi Sue

Love your blocks, you have been busy.
Sewing in the lounge is great, you have everything at your finger tips.
Love all your goodies too.