Thursday, February 11, 2010

Matts Quilt


Hoorah, today I managed to take a photo and download – upload?? I never know which is the correct term – to my blog.

It hasn’t been too long in the making, for me anyhow.A friend in Brisbane – Hi Julie, said it reminded her of sea horses, so that’s what I have been calling it. It was quite fun to make, and fairly easy to quilt on my new Pfaff, although I managed to do it with a few crooked lines. Overall, the effect is fine, and I don’t think a 16 year old boy is going to worry about that.

Sorry the quality is not very good, but I had to haul in helpers to hold it up, and the rain started at the same time.

Wouldn’t it 11th February 2010 005 (1) just have to have a bucket with the dogs drinking water in it, right next to my quilt. As this was the second shot at getting them to hold the quilt up, I didn’t dare ask again. It’s amazing that you never notice those things until after you have finished taking the photo!

The quilt measures 75”  square.

While I was taking photos, I thought I would add one of the little wall hanging I made in a class with Holland at the Symposium in Auckland in 2007.

11th February 2010 001

Fantastic tutor. I even changed one of my classes so I could do another class with her.

Thanks for dropping by, and hopefully I’ll have another photo to put on tomorrow.

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Linda said...

It's a beautiful quilt! The name really fits it. And I know your sixteen year-old will love it.

As for taking photos, I'd suggest cropping the photo before UPloading it to your blog. Just open the picture and choose the edit feature. You can remove the dog's drinking bucket AND the quilt's feet!

Jenny said...

Isn't a great feeling when a quilt is finally finished. Looks good, I'm sure Matt will be very pleased.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hi Sue! I can walk you through setting it up if you want. It takes a bit of setup and some editing of html. I couldn't email you directly because your ID didn't have an email address. If you could email me I can walk you through it. Dawn

Oh by the way - I LOVE the look of the quilt in the hoop in your blog header! Are you hand quilting it? It will be beautiful!

Julie said...

Such an apt name for this truly magnificent quilt! The colours are so very 'jewel' like it glows. Beautiful work.

Julie said...

Forgot to mention the lovely little wall hanging, it is very sweet. I do hope it isn't feeling left out with all the praise I gave The Sea Horse Quilt?

Pinevalley Quilts said...

Your quilt looks great.
I also love the Pam Holland on I have not seen that before.