Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Civil War Diary Block

Sorry Julie, have to tempt you again. I have just done another Civil War Diary Block. It’s amazing how one can do things so wrong, when it seems so simple.  Like picking the little pieces up and somehow turning them accidently, and sewing them together around the wrong way. Ah well I can hear you say – you will do these mad things!

12th February 2010 Civil War I have been trying to sort out a suitable foundation to do some invisible machine applique.  I’m about to try some wash away, which my friend Sharon at has successfully done. In doing so I lost something ( I’m always doing this) in my sewing room, and had to have a tidy up, which resulted in me finding a lovely hand applique project which has been on the back burner for about 4 years.

So… you guessed it, I spent Sunday afternoon gluing some pieces down, and hand appliqueing them. 

My dear friend Sharon from Arizona sent me an early birthday present, which I couldn’t leave until the day to open. Well, I had to write and thank her didn’t I, and she asked that I let her know when it arrived so she would know how long it took.  IMG_1392 The most delightful apron in the beautiful fabrics. The flowers are the outside fabric and the spots are the lining or back of the apron. I love it to bits, and Sharon very generously put some of her Mom’s vintage buttons on it. The cream packet is another apron, with a needlework panel ready for me to make up. A couple of really neat patterns, so I’m set.

I  like birthdays as at my age one can make them drawn out.  Have to celebrate with different people, and that takes time. I’m meeting my sister in Taupo which is central North Island of New Zealand. Will post some photos when I get back.


Julie said...

You wicked, wicked girl! Fortunately I have too much on my mind to even think about starting a new project. So I think I am safe for now!

Lucky you with the lovely birthday gifts, looking forward to seeing your photographs. Enjoy yourself!

pinewood said...

Hi Sue
Happy birthday

Your block looks really great.
Love the apron too.
Look forward to seeing your applique project.