Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photo of Quilt with No Borders Yet……

Just come back from shopping with DH. Both of us with new cell phones. We are now looking for a new video camera, for me to take on my Big OE in August. Anyone have any useful info on what is good or not?

I must knuckle down and get those borders on, but in the meantime here is the centre of the quilt completed, and in true form I just had to make a mistake didn’t I? Oh well, didn’t they do that in the ‘ole days and leave it in to be discovered. There’s no way I’m fixing it, so there…. 

Matts Quilts 2009 001

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Julie said...

Looks great Sue! Still reminds me of sea horses!

Linda said...

It looks great, Sue. And you can make a "Can you find it?" challenge for anyone looking at it. I think it's very difficult to spot! Lower right?

Laura said...

Great quilt! Is the design from the Spectacular Scraps book? I think that's the name.

Tazzie said...

Hi there Sue
Thank you for your message on the Nearly Insane Fans blog. I wanted to email you back but your email address came up as 'no reply'. The NI blocks are 6", and the DJ blocks are 4.5". I can't really say which is the better quilt to do first. Some of the DJ blocks are easier than the NI blocks, but there are so many more of them. It's a tough call. Study the books and see which grabs you! Hope this helps.