Monday, August 15, 2011

Really Bad Weather…

Unbelievably cold, very windy and raining here in Auckland where I live.
I got up this morning to find the rose pruning's, which I hadn’t as yet gotten rid of, blown all over the lawn, and the rubbish bin upside down in the garden.
This photo is of Wellington, the capital city of N.Z. which is about 5 hours south of where I live. They don’t usually get snow there.  We have a cold wintery blast coming from down South.


Anyway, a good day to share with you the work I have done this last week.
I got stuck in once again with my Nearly Insane Blocks, and have managed to make these.

Block 12
Nearly Insane Block 12

Block 24
Nearly Insane Block 24

Block 30
Nearly Insane Block 30 

 I might have to make an alteration to this block as it turned out wrong. I should have had the pink triangles on one side going the other way.
Nearly Insane Block 41  

Not too sure about this one as the colour in reality is very black.  Might be too dark.

And, last but not least is Block 18
This took me 3 days on and off – 229 piecesNearly Insane Block 18

As I am writing this we are having a hail storm. The weather here in Auckland is the coldest apparently for 50 years. Brrr….but wait - now the sun is trying to shine.

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karenfae said...

you are doing great on your Nearly Insane quilt - I have that book but have yet to decide if I want to make it.
Looks like you have winter pretty good right now.

Linda said...

Your weather IS something. I hope the hail hasn't been damaging. It's good you could be at home to "go Insane." I'm SO impressed with that last block! 229 pieces is amazing. Your diligence is commendable.

Frances Leate said...

I saw on our news tonight the amazingly cold weather in NZ - what a year of extreme weather conditions it has been for us all. Your Nearly Insane blocks are amazing and not for the faint hearted - well done. Take care.

Karen said...

I love your blocks! The other day I was looking through the book and had a good long look at Block 18 and I wondered how long it would take to piece together.

Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW! Your NI blocks are amazing!

Merilyn said...

I love your Nearly Insane blocks, such intricate work, and what better weather to be sewing them in by the looks of it!!! I cannot believe the snow in the suburbs of Wgtn. In the first 18 years of my life living there we never had snow, it would have been a laughable suggestion, unbelieveable!!!! I have seen the news about it, I'm just glad I don't live there anymore LOL!!!!!