Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Spent a Happy Day…

last Saturday, with 14 friends each making our own version of a tessellating quilt. The one we made was from the book called “Square Dance” by Martha Thompson. It is so much fun to make, although a little tedious sewing all those squares together.


I made mine using 6” squares from my stash ( hurrah – a bit more used up) After sewing them altogether, you re-cut using a template drawn from the book. After the blocks are re-cut they are so forgiving to sew back together as all the seams are on the bias.  You loose about a third in Size I was told – in actual fact I measured Before and after, and my squares plus first border measured 78”. After re-sewing it measured approx. 58”.

Sorry it wasn’t held very straight ( it’s hard to get good help these days – haha)
Its small for me, although I still have a couple of borders to add, and I wanted this little quilt as a quilt for my bed, when I go to Retreats.

I also found a top in my collection, that needed to be quilted so I did just that for my MIL who is 93.

Below are a few photos of my friends tessellating quilts
IMG_2474 IMG_2471IMG_2468  IMG_2467

As you can see they are all looking good. The two on the right were made with 10” squares.
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Merilyn said...

What a great idea to make a quilt to take on retreats and a great piecing project to boot!!! I have seen this before, and I love the effect!! Your MIL's quilt is wonderful too, so colourful! I'm sure she will be delighted with it!!!

Linda said...

These Square Dance quilts are great! I really like the scrappy ones! Wow. They look fantastic! I have the book but have made only one planned quilt from it. Hope Quilters (at church) just finished making several plain patchy quilts, similar to your pre-tesselated version - to donate to Joplin, Missouri tornado victims. Boring when compared to your very interesting looking tesselated version. Thank you for this super inspiration!

karenfae said...

always nice to wake up to view a little quilt show!

Julie said...

Love the tesselating tops, very clever.

Barb said...

I have got to get mine quilted! I love each and every one of yours!