Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Civil War …

I am dodging my way around…..between Dear Jane Blocks, my Civil War Blocks and my Nearly Insane Blocks. I set myself a target of having my NI quilt finished this time next year, but I think its too big an ask. :-)
I have finished these Civil War Blocks. I am abit behind with these so have to be more focused.haha!

Civil War Block – 27 Irish Chain
Block 27 - Irish Chain 

Civil War Block 31 Empty Spools
Civil War Block 001

Civil War Block 32 – Carolina Lily
Civil War - 32 Carolina Lily

I wanted to make this flower in Yellow, but now I find its the only block with yellow in my collection, so I’ll have to add some yellow to the next blocks.
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Linda said...

Looking good. I do like the yellow in the last block. It adds some pop. Yes, pop in a few other blocks will make them fit well together. Nice job.

Frances Leate said...

The blocks are certainly looking good Sue and I am now feeling guilty for once again falling behind with my Civil War Quilt. I know what you mean about adding a new colour and I did this recently with some really different blues and now I am going to have to include this colour with other blocks. Take care.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Very pretty blocks! Those yellow flowers are a wonderful choice.

Merilyn said...

Well done with your catch-up Sue, your CW blocks are looking great! I hadn't done a 'y' seam block before either, but I am pleased I figured out how to get it all looking square! You did well on your first attempt too!!!