Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It’s a bit slow going….

My Nearly Insane Blocks

But I am trying to do a few more blocks. I miss making them whilst I am doing other things.

Block 47
Block 47 - Nearly Insane
I never noticed that I had made a mistake on the next one, but I am going to leave it. I’m sure when its in the quilt it won’t be noticed, and if it is, so be it!!

Block 53
Block 47 - Nearly Insane 001 
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Pip said...

It took me a while to pick up the mistake, but you're right no-one will notice it in the quilt, only you:)

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your blocks look BEAUTIFUL!
Only you will know the 2nd block isn't perfect - I think it looks great!

Merilyn said...

You're right you won't notice anything unusual once all the blocks are together and quilted. They are beautiful blocks!!!

Karen said...

Not only are you working on Dear Jane, but you also have Nearly Insane on the go! I love what I see so far and will just have to settle in for a good long look. :)

karenfae said...

wow you are doing a lot of difficult quilts at the same time - I thought I would drop in and see what you are working on - I'm impressed :)