Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gosh the time flies…

I have been meaning to post for about a couple of weeks, but other things get in the way. Then, I had a delightful visit from 3 grandchildren, all for different days/nights, so everything in my world was good.
I also went to my favourite retreat location. There are 2 different quilting retreats a year run at this particular venue, plus one at another venue in the same area, so I have to try and put the brakes on, as I could be away from home a lot, and that isn’t good!! I managed to take some pics of different quilts that were being worked on.
20 or so quilters attended this year, which made for a very friendly and intimate gathering.
But first a couple of photos of the lovely Bay
IMG_2391  IMG_2390
Every-one hard at it – The sun shone so much we had to pull down the curtains – and its the middle of winter. Certainly makes a change from all the rain we have had!
We have so much fun, laughter and devine food. Its so good for the soul.
IMG_2382   Oh my gosh! this is all I managed!!   
 IMG_2397 IMG_2402IMG_2408 IMG_2406IMG_2409 IMG_2399 IMG_2394IMG_2421IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2426
On the Friday night we traditionally make a small item that doesn’t require much thought. ( usually some of us have indulged in some wine by then.)
This year we made a block roll for all those stitcheries or hand applique we want to cart around.
Here is a photo of all the finished rolls. I never actually got to make mine. IMG_2430  The rolls partially opened..IMG_2429These are the rolls closed.
I have some photos from a Quilt Show I attended last week, but I’ll save those for next time.
Thanks for dropping by
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Aunt 'Reen said...

So many wonderful pictures!
Congratulations on the retreat and time spent enjoying your grandchildren! Sounds like you are having a lovely summer!

Frances Leate said...

It looks like a great retreat and in a beautiful setting. I never get to sew a lot at these events as I talk too much but what fun. Take care.

Merilyn said...

Thankyou for sharing your lovely retreat, everyone looks as though they were very industrious indeed. I particularly love the 11th photo! The quilt features NZ birds on blocks in the centre of the quilt with Maori quilting designs. This quilt really speaks to me and I wondered if there was a pattern or did the lady develop this quilt herself. Either way I just love it and would have it hanging on my wall in a heartbeat!!!!

pinewood said...


Great post.
Yes the food was great but I must be like Frances Leate and talk too much as I never got alot accomplished either.


LuAnn said...

The photos of the bay are just beautiful. It looks like your retreat was fun. I usually take way too many things to do and spend more time visiting than I do sewing. But, I would rather spend the time with friends. Glad you had grandchildren time, too.

Karen said...

As long as you had fun, it doesn't matter that you only made a tiny little block! LOL.

Julie said...

The view is truly gorgeous! How did you managed to get inside to do any stitching? As for the block roll, had you had too much to drink to make yours Suzie?

Linda said...

What fun, Sue! I wonder that you managed ANYTHING with that gorgeous view to distract you. But the retreat certainly looked like fun. I know I would have felt right at home. And now you make me feel the need for a retreat! It's been more than a year since I've had the pleasure.