Monday, July 11, 2011

Happiness is using up old fabric….

I have been busy this past week making some cushion covers for the Heart Ward of the Auckland Hospital. One of our members of Village Green Quilters is a nurse at the hospital, and asked if we would like to make, what they call ‘coughing’ cushions. These are required for the patients of heart surgery in their recovery program. Also when they go home from the hospital, they need protection from the seatbelt across their wound.


Some of these covers don’t as yet have inserts.
I have felt so good getting amongst my old, but still good, fabric and sorting through them. Discarding some tatty endy bits, and pressing those bits that are usable.

Our Auckland Guild also has a woman who teaches women in prison, the art of Patchwork & Quilting, so I’ve managed to found a bag or two of my older fabric for 

them to learn on.. IMG_2367

As well as this I have made two more Dear Jane Blocks

A11 – Pebbles Protest

A 11 - Pebbles Protset

and B 2 – Sweet Tater Pie.

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie

I have made this block twice. After making it so I could cut it down to 5” I left it in my sewing kit. One day I decided I must resize it to show the photo, and without thinking used my 4 1/2” ruler, so….. back to the drawing board. So annoying to do these silly things.
Only a couple of blocks to go before I have finished Row A.

Had a lovely day out yesterday ( between a lightning/thunder storm )with 93 year old MIL. Looking through the local garden centre and having lunch.


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Linda said...

Oh, doesn't it feel good to use up old fabric? I'm trying to make Disappearing Four Patch blocks to use up my old stuff. I'm aiming to empty one large storage bin, but I think it may take a while! Good on you for giving as you do.

Merilyn said...

I've never heard of coughing pillows, but the maple leaf one is very nice! Love the DJ blocks too, beautiful work!!!