Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Day In The Life of a Frustrated Quilter!

 I am sitting here typing with one hand. First day I have managed to even get out of bed and have a shower with a plastic bag wrapped around my arm and hand. We arrived home from our trip to Australia last Sunday morning, and I was advised I could have the operation on my thumb joint, the following Thursday morning. Thinking it might be a long wait if I turned them down, I said yes thats great.
Only problem was my sister was arriving from down country the same day, for a week of shopping therapy. Unfortunately she doesn't sew, so its days of clothing shopping. The operation went well, but the recovery was abit rough to say the least. The pain relieving medication only succeeded in making me very nauseous. Anyway all seems to be O.K. now and I just have to be patient.

Hopefully by Thursday 31st I'll be more lively, as I am booked into a class with Gail Garber from USA. Its a 2 day class called "Flying Colours", but at this stage I might only be taking paper and pencil etc and not my machine, as I have a half plaster cast on my arm and thumb up to my elbow. Fortunately its my left hand.

I had a great day as usual in Brisbane with my dear friend Julie who once again gave me a lovely gift of 2 pincushions, and a little purse and took me patchwork shopping. Being with the family for 9 days it was hard to do this, so my time with Julie was lovely. 

I am 3 weeks behind with my Civil War Blocks, so as soon as I can cut out and get the machine going, I'll have to get on with them.

Sorry no pics today, as I'm on the laptop and its too hard!:-))
Bye for now



Linda said...

Oh my! You didn't share with us that you were having surgery. I hope that whatever was done is successful. I'm sorry for all the hassles you've been through, but it's nice - and typical - that Julie would come through for you to make you feel a whole lot better. She's like that. Now be patient with yourself. You'll get to that sewing machine soon enough... and your stuff won't go anywhere while waiting for you. Take care of yourself!

Merilyn said...

A trip to Brisbane, oh! that sounds like fun!!! Haven't had the time to drive up there for a while (only 2hrs away!) my favourite quilt shop is there! maybe when I have some time off next month! I hope your're back into sewing action soon! I have already picked out my fabric for the lastest Brackman BOW! I think they are all going to look really good when made up into a quilt!

Sheila said...

hope you are soon on the road to recovery and full use of your thumb. I have been putting off surgery to my right thumb for years.. too afraid of the post op period and long term effects. Looking forward to your catch up block's On CW BOW. At least you have lots of time to select your fabric's.

Frances Leate said...

Sorry to hear that you have "been in the wars" and hope you are fully fit soon. Maybe it is time to pull down the blinds and just curl with with a good book - some R & R! Take care of yourself.

Aunt 'Reen said...

So sorry to hear of your discomfort and limitations.
I hope your surgery was a success and that you heal very quickly!