Monday, April 11, 2011

Posting the Old with the New

I started this post about 3 weeks ago, but never got it finished, so I will carry on from here.

I am nearly 3 weeks into recovery and have been told it will take at least another 4/5 weeks.March April 2011 032

In the meantime, I have been able to sew a little and have managed another couple of Water Bottle Carriers. I am heading down to Queenstown at the end of the week, for our National Quilt Symposium, so I’m thinking these will come in very handy.

March April 2011 029 March April 2011 028

I also managed some Barbara Brackman Civil War Blocks

Block 11 - London Square

This was a nice easy block to make.

Civil War # 11 London Square

Another easy one!

Block 12 – Louisiana

Civil War # 12 Louisiana 

MARCH 19th

Just arrived home from Brisbane, Australia from hot humid weather to rain. Still can’t complain as we needed it.

I have so missed my sewing time, but now I’m due to have an operation on the base of my thumb to remove an arthritic joint, so I will probably be out of action for a week or so. Maybe I’ll still be able to sew on the machine, if I get my ‘stuff’ organised.

Before I left I had to make a couple of birthday gifts and a ‘happy to see you gift’ for my friend in Brisbane Julie.

It’s a wonder she’s still my friend, as I was supposed to meet her at her club day on the 18th but somehow got it into my brain that it was on the 19th. I arrived only to find no-one there, and on ringing Julie was asked “where were you yesterday?” DUH!! I was so disappointed as I had been really looking forward to catching up and meeting the “girls” Julie managed to organise her work day a couple of days later and we had OUR catch-up and gossip!!

Bottle carrier 003 

This is the photo of one of the Water Bottle Carriers  I made as a gift. The pattern was in Homespun No.92 Vol. 12.1

Thanks for dropping by

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Sheila said...

you have done a great job on the Civil War blocks, despite being one handed. Hope you recover completely soon.

Tazzie said...

Wishing you a very speedy recovery Sue, I can't even imagine how much you must be itching to get to your sewing!
Your blocks are just beautiful, I need to get busy with mine and catch up.

Merilyn said...

Your blocks are absolutely gorgeous, all the more amazing after seeing that splint on your hand!!! Have a great time at the Symposium in Queenstown! I haven't been there since I was a kid!!! Good luck with the thumb op. keep us posted!!!

Julie said...

Still your can't get rid of me that easily!!
It was lovely to catch up with you and now I've enjoyed seeing all that you've achieved all while wearing a cast! I'm thinking it's the inability to drive that has seen you so productive!!LOL

Frances Leate said...

Great water bottle carriers Sue and I hope you have a wonderful time in Queenstown. We had hoped to be there this year but it has been a rough wet season in the Far North so maybe I will make it to Taupo. Look after yourself.